Telephone Etiquette

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Effective communication over the phone is essential for any organisation that relies on customer service to grow or retain its customer base. Most customer service representatives have basic phone operating skills in areas such as answering the phone in a professional manner and greeting the customer. However, many customer service teams lack the crucial etiquette and speaking and listening skills that set apart profitable and professional organisations.

Frontline staff and customer service representatives are the most important positions for any business. These staff members are the ones who have the first contact with existing and potential customers and they have the power to MAKE or BREAK whether or not the customer chooses to stay (or become a customer).

Good Telephone Etiquette Increases customer Satisfaction

Telephone etiquette is one of the key components to customer satisfaction. Frontline staff and customer service representatives need to be well versed in product or service knowledge and possess the skills to positively share that information with customers. Staff members who do not have good phone etiquette are a liability and will negatively impact sales and customer retention. However, staff who have good phone etiquette will decrease escalations, increases sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Telephone etiquette is an integral part of customer service training and a key indicator of not only customer satisfaction, but employee satisfaction.

This course is NQF aligned and include Unit Standards: 7790, 14359, 7865, 14348, 14359.


1.  The ten commandments of great customer service

2.  Telephone Etiquette and Answering Procedures

  • Concentrate and clear your mind
  • Answer telephone promptly
  • Prepare your phone voice
  • Be present with your caller
  • Always offer your standard greeting
  • Think before speaking

3.  Communication Barriers and confidentiality

4.  Processing Incoming calls

  • Placing callers on hold and regularly reporting back
  • Transferring Calls
  • Screening Calls in terms of policy
  • Taking an accurate message

5.  Processing Outgoing Calls

  • Preparing yourself to be accurate
  • Making the call
  • Leaving a message

6.  Customer Service

  • Dealing with internal customers
  • Dealing with external Customers
  • Identifying Competitors
  • The Competitive Edge

7.  Identifying & Meeting Customer Needs

8.  Attitude & Listening

9.  Forbidden Phrases & Soft Language Skills

10.  Dealing with Problem Customers

  • Listen – Empathise – Apologise – Solve the Problem

11.  Personal Performance

  • Self-Management and sense of duty

12.  The Phonetic Alphabet

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