SETA Accreditation No. 6570

2 Day Project Management Programme

Workshop dates:
Johannesburg: 15-16 August 2019
Durbanville, Cape Town: 22-23 July 2019
Durban North: In-house on request- min 6 delegates

***Early bird discount of R1,000.00 per delegate and group fee discount of R1,250.00 per delegate available until 15 July 2019***

Course Fee: 

Normal Fee: R6,950.00 (R7,923.00 incl. VAT) per person.

Early bird fee less R1,000.00 = R5,950.00 (R6,842.50 incl. VAT) per delegate for all NEW registrations received and paid by 15 July 2019.

Group fee for 3 or more delegates less R1,250.00 = R5,700.00 (R6,842.50 Incl. VAT) per delegate for all NEW registrations received and paid by 15 July 2019.


In-house Bookings country-wide
For in-house group bookings and other enquiries, please email me at or contact Charlotte on 011: 902-0720.

Duration:  2 days


Projects are an integral part of everyday workplace activities. This course will enable you to be well versed in every aspect of projects, its technical knowledge and in its required outcomes, yet also enable you to define the path of the process.

This course takes a look at the main areas and core skills of project management and by understanding some of the techniques and through demonstrated application, it hopes to improve delegates’ knowledge and chances of directing and running successful projects. This is specifically aimed at Pas, Executive Secretaries, Office Administrators and Non-Project Managers.

This 2-day workshop has been designed to provide delegates with the essential knowledge to effectively plan, implement and review projects. In addition, delegates will be able to gauge their level of communication, time management and problem solving to enable them to refine these key skills.


This course aims to:

  • Understand the concepts of project management
  • Define a project for success
  • Understand the importance of planning and the tools to plan with
  • Manage the resources to successfully implement a project
  • Evaluate project success
  • Adopt a project management approach in day to day activities
  • Provide experiential learning on the course

Target Audience

  • Any person who needs to do small projects
  • PAs & Office Administrators
  • Event Organisers
  • Managers who need to manage project teams
  • Staff who will be part of project teams
  • Executives who are members of steering committees or sponsors of projects


Module 1: Project Management Introduction, Principles and Concepts


  • Understanding project management
  • Identifying the role players and their accountabilities
  • Organisational structures and project management
  • Staffing the project office and team
  • Management functions

Module 2: Project Investigation and Definition Phase


  • Project management life cycle
  • How to define a project
  • As is investigation
  • Costing the existing situation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Clarifying the way forward
  • Scoping the project

v   Results to achieved

v   Results not to achieve

v   Results to avoid

v   Restrictions

  • Planning the tasks
  • Practical exercises

Module 3: Project Planning


  • Planning the tasks

v   Work breakdown structure

v   Precedents analysis

v   Network diagram

  • Practical exercises
  • Negotiating for resources
  • Practical exercises
  • Responsibility assignment matrix
  • Identifying and planning for risks
  • Practical exercises
  • Budgeting and estimating
  • Demonstration of how to use PM software
  • Practical exercises

Module 4: Project Implementation and Closure


  • How to develop the team
  • Time management
  • How to conduct meetings
  • Understanding individual needs and motivation
  • Scope management
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Project auditing
  • Post implementation review

Feedback on this course presented to companies :

o    Excellent. Nic made it very informative – I’ve learned a lot, BOE Trust

o    The course was excellent and the presenter’s subject matter, knowledge and experience in business really came     through!, Absa Group Financial Crime Management

o    Fantastic. The Best Ever (unknown)

o    Impressive, University of the Free State

o    Of a High and Professional Standard, Mersen SA

o    Excellent, HRG Rennies Travel

About the facilitator: Nic (MAP) Wits Business School, Dip Project Management. 

Nic has extensive experience in the banking industry. Although he has also been involved in a diverse range of other industries his primary focus centres on strategic management facilitation where he has extensive knowledge of the Balanced Scorecard. Coupled with this Nic has an excellent knowledge of business processes and process modelling tools. He also has a solid track record in project management where he has been very successful in the development and delivery of numerous successful training interventions.

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