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Executive PA & Office Administrator Master Class 2021

Executive PA & Office Administrator Master Class

Use a Smart phone / tablet / laptop / desktop including activated webcam, earphones.


GAUTENG: PTA & Midrand, JHB: 7-9 June 2021
KZN: Durban North: 28-30 June 2021
WESTERN CAPE: Durbanville, Cape Town: 26-28 May 2021
EASTERN CAPE: Port Elizabeth: 28-30 June 2021.

ALL OTHER REGIONS: available on request.


Course fee (3 days): R7,500.00 (R8,625.00 incl. VAT) per delegate.

ONLINE, PUBLIC & GROUP BOOKINGS: Less 25% (R1,875.00) per delegate (3 days): R5,625.00 (R6,468.75) incl. VAT) per delegate for all new registrations received and paid for by 20 April 2021. Terms and Conditions apply.

Online Training Hours:
08:30-16:00 which include 2 x 20 min tea breaks and 1 x 40 min lunch break.

Technical requirements for online sessions: Training will be presented live via ZOOM or Microsoft (MS) Teams. Use a Smart phone / tablet / laptop / desktop including activated webcam and earphones and you will need Internet connection (3G or 4G / LTE) – minimum speed of 3.0 Mbps (up / down).

Online Training Hours:
08:30-16:30 which include 2 x 20 min tea breaks and 1 x 40 min lunch break.





  • The changed new world of work – How to overcome new challenges and to stay in control.
  • What is the biggest challenge we are facing moving forward?
  • Future proof your job: it’s all about who you become and not what you do.
  • Learn about the 4 Critical Success Factors
  • The great rebalancing: working from home.
  • How to survive and keep your job in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)
  • Learn how to boot productivity suckers and how to fight them.
  • 5 ways to catch-up and improve on your productivity.
  • Why working too many hours is not such a good idea.
  • Six essential keys to help you to perform at your best.
  • What to do when there is too much to do.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making for better communication.
  • Leadership and teamwork tips and skills


This interactive 3-day programme aims to explore the objectives of the modern Executive PA and Office Administrator’s role in the changed and new world of work we find ourselves in, and the skills they must master daily. It is now about LEARN, RE-Learn and UN-Learn new appropriate skills to overcome new challenges in the workplace today.

Personal Assistants and Office Administrators add significant value to their role and strategies for managing and organising multiple bosses. They learn to identify their bosses shifting priorities without being told, and how-to time-manage their own workload while being part of a team.

This challenging and enjoyable course aims to develop and stretches the PA and Office Administrator’s role and skill set while developing his / her personal brand and preparing them to stay ahead in the Fourth industrial Revolution (4IR) world they are working in. It also challenges everyone to adapt to how the workplace is changing and how it is going to be after the pandemic. Suddenly, the 4IR doesn’t seem to be our biggest challenge.

Administrative professionals and Executive Assistants often see themselves in their support roles as being non – leaders and this is nothing further from the truth. Everybody is a leader – no matter what position you hold.

The role of the PA, EA and Office Administrator is one that is incredibly undervalued. During this programme, we will explore ways on how to push for more recognition – both within your organisation and within the PA community. The role of PAs has changed significantly during the past few months of lockdown, and in recent years the shift in responsibility, the challenges faced, and the drivers of change, will influence the world of work for PAs and Administrators.

Directors and Managers want their assistant / administrators to be exceptional since those who are, contribute significantly to their success. Today’s PAs / EAs must be extremely competent and totally reliable, capable of taking on wider tasks than those of a purely secretarial nature



  • Personal Assistants and Secretaries
  • Executive Assistants and PAs
  • Office Administrators
  • Senior Administrators
  • Office Managers
  • Senior Receptionists.

After attending this course, amongst others, participants will have the ability to:

  • Recognise your professional role as part of the management team
  • Manage your time effectively, prioritise and delegate
  • Apply problem solving techniques
  • Communicate more confidently and effectively
  • Provide improved support for your manager
  • Take the lead without being told to do so
  • Build on your personal power
  • Realise the impact you have on building your own brand and that of your manager
  • Understanding different personalities
  • Manage your own conflict style and understanding that of others
  • Success in the 4IR workplace is within your control
  • Know that everything is about ATTITUDE
  • You are in control of your own destiny by the CHOICES you make
  • Know the importance of observing proper business protocol


During the three days, we will also deal with the following:

  • Why do Managers / Executives still need PAs?
  • The Virtual PA – is this the new future for Administrators / PAs / EA?
  • How to grow recognition of the Administrator / PA / EA role
  • Whose brand are you building? Building a Powerful PA Brand: No brand exists in isolation. You can have a great impact on your boss’ brand by how you operate within the company and that the relationship between you and your manager(s) also create an independent, overlapping brand.
  • What are your work style and work values?
  • Remember: Average is a dead-end.

Management skills

  • Personality traits of a master performer
    • The Professional role of the senior secretary.
    • People management: When to say yes and when to say no!
    • Time management and time wasters: specific solutions to gain the title master performer
    • Contributing to your Manager’s success
    • The secret to prioritising

Handling the unique demands of your role

  • Assertiveness vs aggressiveness
    • Equity, ethics and teaching your team to trust in you
    • Continuous self-development to build your confidence
    • Questioning and listening skills
    • Action PlanningCreating a Positive Image
  • Behaviour
    • Professional appearance: wardrobe and grooming
    • Body language
    • Effectively handling dress code issues

Communication and Organising skills

  • Advanced interpersonal communication skills
    • Improving personal effectiveness.
    • Boosting your credibility in the office
    • Sharing best practices with your colleagues

Being the Best vs. Being Superb

  • The truth about trust
    • Giving people what they need: care, value and prestige
    • Does your approach match your skill?

Managing your mouth

  • Understanding your natural reactions
    • Don’t say the wrong things – Reducing sarcasm

Leadership Skills and Teamwork

  • Lessons learned from the animal kingdom about leadership and teamwork
  • How to use this to your advantage

Building better business relationships

  • Effective relationships between managers and employees
    • Stay Connected: Setting the standard for corporate communications
    • Living with silence: The fine art of shutting up
    • Managing distractions
    • The fine art of being liked: Listening and learning

Dealing with different personalities

Workflow Mastery: all about organising your time, tasks and Inbox  

Managing your Manager

Building your unique personal brand

Tangible benefits from being a good listener


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