SETA Accreditation No. 6570

Essential Leadership Skills for Administrators and PAs

Workshop dates:

Johannesburg: 5 February 2018
Durbanville, Cape Town: 8 February 2018
Durban North: 19 February 2018

Course Fee: 

Single: R4,250.00 (R4,845.00 incl. VAT) (all fees include a tablet)

Group bookings of 3 delegates or more:  R3,187.50 (R3,633.75 incl. VAT)

In-House Training sessions: available on request – send an e-mail with specifications to



During this powerful one-day workshop delegates will be empowered to be great leaders within their organisations.

In our modern world of business, Office Administrators and Personal Assistants wear many hats, and leadership is one of them. Just because you’re not a manager doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader, too. Administrators and PAs have a unique and important role in the everyday operation of a company. As an Administrator or PA, others will look to you for support.

To be successful in an administrative role, you’ll need several leadership skills.

  • Personality profiles
  • What makes a leader?
  • 7 Leadership principles to learn from an eagle
  • The leader of tomorrow: What will he / she look like?
  • Recognise the variation in individual leadership style preferences and align your style with that of your superiors, colleagues, and subordinates.
  • Other important skills required to succeed as a leader:* Organisational skills
    * Excellent communication and listening skills
    * Confidence
    * Positive attitude
    * Creativity
    * Be a team player
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