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Leadership skills for Office Admin in a Vuca World

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Workshop dates:
(Our workshops are max. 15 people)

Johannesburg: 25-29 May 2020
Durbanville, Cape Town: 8-12 June 2020
Durban North: 1-5 June 2020

In-house training sessions and group bookings

These are available countrywide on request – please e-mail me at or  contact Charlotte at 011: 902-0720 / Ronell: 073 291 0450


Duration: 5-days.

Normal fee: R14,900.00 (R17,135.00 incl. VAT) per delegate.

Group booking for 3 or more delegates less 30% (R4,470.00) p/p = R10,430.00 (R11,994.50 incl. VAT) per delegate for all new registrations received and paid by 1 April 2020.

In-house booking for up to 12 people = R16,500.00 (R18,975.00 incl. 15% VAT) per day x 5 days for all NEW registrations received and paid by 1 April 2020. Terms and Conditions apply.




VUCA and the 4IR World of Today

This workshop is for, amongst others, Office Administrators / Executive PAs who want to expand their management and leaderships skills in order to support their superiors and organisations better and further their careers in the VUCA world and 4IR (Fourth industrial Revolution) workplace we find ourselves in.

This challenging and enjoyable 5-day programme is aimed at preparing you to stay ahead of the VUCA world and 4IR you need to work in.

The VUCA world challenges you to find your own way. You will need to understand to be more concerned with humans and their needs. Meaning and purpose take a central role in business activities. Today’s workplace brings a lot of challenges and changes.

Qualifications and experience are no longer good enough if you want to thrive in the new fast-changing world-economy which is growing more complex continuously and machines becoming the workforce of the future.

The increase in (VUCA) volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity means that you need to seek new focuses and take a fresh approach to your position. Only then can you guarantee positive results in changed circumstances.

The VUCA world = the new NORMAL.

  1. Volatility: The rate of fluctuation & change.
  2. Uncertainty: Unclear about the present.
  3. Complexity: Multiple key decision factors.
  4. Ambiguity: Lack of clarity.

This programme develops RESILIENCE within delegates to have the competence and ability to handle VUCA in a healthy & productive manner. AGILITY is the key to lead in the VUCA world.

FACT: Machines will do what machines can do – more and more, becoming the workforce of the future.

IMPLICATION: Teaching / training must prioritise CRITICAL SKILLS of the 21st Century – the things machines cannot do.

SCREEN-BASED WORK: Technology brings opportunity like never before in the history of man.

Screen-time Limits:
* Social skills
* Emotional skills
* Language-expressive skills
* Higher-order thinking / problem-solving and MANY more critical skills.
The programme focuses on, and is relevant to the 4IR workplace and deal with:

  • CAPACITY: The Manager / Business-owner / Head of a Department / Supervisor /Office Manager / Team Leader of a team is the FIRE IN THE ENGINE and needs to be capacitated forwards: invest in resilience, agility / awareness in thinking and understanding unique contribution to the team.
  • MANAGE: risk & change, complexity, conflict, activity and maintaining wellness in teams.
  • LEADERSHIP PATTERNS: leadership is more dynamic & flexible – must build trust and healthy interactions with stakeholders, team members, clients, partners, etc.
  • STRATEGIC & CRITICAL THINKING: Thought leadership, including the development of new neuropathways in thinking-patterns, creativity, entrepreneurial thinking – the things machines cannot do:Creative problem-solving skills are honed, with practical implementation exercises and value-based decision-making, towards flourishing in an ever-changing, complex landscape.

This workshop is NQF aligned and include various unit standards. Academy for Business Excellence (ABEA) is also a franchisee and authorised to facilitate the MindCo™ Unlimited programme


The MindCo™ Unlimited programme is run over 5-days and includes 12 modules each with a dedicated theme and presented in such a way that there is a constant crosspollination of principles throughout the training and the innovative game play used. It is impossible to teach these principles in silo’s, but for the sake of the programme, it is structured along increasing complexity:

  • moving from principles of personal unique contribution,
  • through healthy team-patterns and design, to
  • manage increasing complexity in the workplace and
  • Building to last.

Themes covered in the programme includes:

  • My Unique Contribution to my team (personal)
  • Activity versus Passivity
  • Resilience in professional development (consequences of decision-making)
  • Clear goals and communication (bridges of trust, respect & value)
  • Change and Growth (strengths and power-play within teams)
  • Optimizing Team (group)
  • Situational Strengths and Weaknesses (purpose, unity and responsibility)
  • Healthy / Unhealthy Patterns (recognise and simplify complexity within groups)
  • Tools to overcome complexity
  • Building in Uncertainty.

Critical Thinking skills included in the modules are:

  • Value-based decision-making
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Socio-emotional tools
  • Managing complexity
  • Change leadership-skills


  • Managing change in the workplace, roles, teamwork and responsibilities in the VUCA & 4IR world of work
  • Managing time and priorities
  • Managing relationships and communication
  • Communicate and negotiate with confidence to achieve results and manage conflict.

Making an Action Plan

Reviewing a comprehensive list of possible new skills and strategies learned and practiced during the workshop to enhance your performance in your current position.

Reflect on best practices that can be applied immediately and in the long term.

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