SETA Accreditation No. 6570

Newly appointed / Junior Office Administrators & Secretaries

Advanced PA

Programme includes Minute Taking

Workshop dates:

Randburg, Johannesburg: 17-19 June 2020
Durbanville, Cape Town: 20-22 April 2020
Durban North: 6-8 May 2020





Normal fee: R6,200.00 (R7,130.00 incl. VAT) per delegate.

SPECIAL ONLINE FEE LESS 40% OFF NORMAL FEE UNTIL 4 June 2020 = R3,720.00 (R4,278.00 Incl. VAT) per person.

In-house training sessions for up to 15 people: R13,500.00 (R15,525.00 incl. VAT) per day x 3 days for all new registration received and paid for by 4 June 2020.




Working in an administrative or secretary role can be overwhelming. There seem to be so many
issues to be aware of, so many tasks to carry out – and all the while maintaining a happy face!
This three-day highly practical, interactive and energised workshop for newly appointed or Junior

Administrators and Secretaries will focus on the necessary and core competencies you will need
to project a professional self-image and confidence in the workplace. We further explore various
behaviours and personalities you find in the workplace and how to achieve excellence in the

The programme will help you to:
 Understand your role as administrator / secretary
 Take responsibility and ownership for what you do
 Know and understand the 3 important A’s: Attitude, Assume, Approachable
 Understand the importance of being pro-active
 Be more organised – the secret of getting things done
 Set meaningful objectives and goals
 Plan and prioritise – have better time management
 Make effective decisions,
 Deal with conflict more effectively, and
 Take minutes more effectively and organise meetings more professionally.
The course will give you the tools to become an excellent communicator and listener and to be
that valuable employee who can deal calmly and effectively with difficult situations and people.
The programme will also assist you to create harmony and a pleasant working atmosphere by
teaching you how to deal with pressure and stress in an everchanging workplace.

Who should attend?
Junior or newly appointed Administrators, Office Staff; Junior Personal Assistants and
Secretaries with no more than 3 years’ experience in the workplace.

 Understanding of the role and function of the administrator / secretary in the organisation
 Business etiquette and corporate dress code
 Importance of corporate and personal branding
 Time management made easy
 Effective diary management and travel arrangements.
 Telephone skills and the use of the telephone as a resource in business.
 Excellent and competent dealing with customers.
 How to WOW my customer every time.
 Successful dealing with difficult situations, superiors, colleagues and customers.
 Understanding different personalities and how to work with them.
 Know and understand the importance of effective communication and listening skills.
 Overview of written communication and e-mail etiquette.
 Understanding of the principles of pro-activity & independent thinking and taking
 Competency in records management and filing.
 Minute Taking and professional handling of meetings and documentation relating to.
This course is NQF aligned and level 4/5.


Competencies and skills required for your role
 Skills and traits needed to face and be sustainable in the workplace and the 4 th
Industrial Revolution you work in.
 The 4 Agreements
 Confidentiality and trust
 Learn how perceptions, attitudes and beliefs affect your performance
 Why is attitude important?
 Taking pride in what you do.
 Be reliable and dependable.
 Loyalty towards my company, colleagues and superiors.
Business Etiquette
 Importance of image
 Dress, mannerisms and appearance
 Telephone technique
 Professional behaviour
 Behaving appropriately in diverse circumstances

Time Management
 Self-management
 VAK Learning styles
 Determine how good your time management abilities are
 How to determine my priorities
 Dealing with interruptions
 Taking responsibility for your workspace

Relationship Management: My role in the team, Different Personalities and Conflict
 Understanding behaviour and personalities of people
 How to work with the various personality styles
 Managing and developing professional relationships in the workplace
 Pro-activity and initiative
 My role in the team: Considering the best for your department
 Identify and dealing with different conflict styles and aggression
Excellent Communication and Listening Skills
 Differentiate between inter-personal and intra-personal communication
 Understanding assertive communication
 Listening skills: determine how well you really listen
 Developing excellent listening skills
 Using body language to build effective relationships
 Avoiding misunderstandings in communication
 The 7 Cs of communication
Professional Customer Service Skills
 Understand the definition of the customer and customer service
 How do I WOW my customer every time?
 Going the extra mile for your customer
 Keeping your customers

Organising and Planning
 Goal Setting: principles of SMART goals
 Principles of Problem-solving and decision-making
Minute taking and professional handling of meetings and documentation
 Characteristics, purposes of, procedural requirements and general problems with formal
 The functions, roles and responsibilities of the Chairman
 The functions, roles and responsibilities of the Secretary
 Plan, prepare and write effective minutes.


Attached is a registration form. Should you wish to register for this programme or register
someone else, please complete the form and fax it back to 086 633 8092 or e-mail it to me on
Kind regards,
Ronell Jordaan

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