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5-Day BOOTCAMP FOR Office Admin / PA’s / Secretaries ( No physical running )

In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2020, we proudly bring you our 3rd annual BOOTCAMP:


Midrand, Johannesburg: 2-6 March 2020
Durbanville, Cape Town: 30-31 March and 1-3 April 2020 (5 days)
Port Elizabeth: 9-13 March 2020
Any other areas country-wide available as in-house sessions, with a minimum of 10 delegates. Terms and Conditions apply.
For in-house group bookings and other enquiries please e-mail me at or phone Charlotte on 011: 902-0720 or Ronell: 073 291 0450.


Course duration: 5 days.

Fees include a tablet that delegates will receive at the training.

Normal fee: R14,900.00 (R15,985.00 incl. 15% VAT) per delegate.

Course fees also include all course material, certificate of completion, refreshments, lunch and secure parking.

Early bird fee less 25% (R3,725.00) = R11,175.00 (R12,851.25 incl. 15% VAT) per delegate for all new registrations received and paid by 3 February 2020.

Group booking for 3 or more delegates less 30% (R4,470.00) = R10,430.00 (R11,994.50 incl. 15% VAT) per delegate for all new registrations received and paid by 3 February 2020.

Cost for attending any one day only = R5,000.00 (R5,750.00 including VAT) per delegate.
N.B. Course fee does not include accommodation and is for the delegate(s) own account.



The BOOTCAMP is presented over 5 days and providing you with the executive tools you need to make it to the top in any organisation. This programme aims to pave the way for possible future promotion from Senior or Executive PA into your company’s management team.

Training days are 8 hours long – 08:00 for 08.30 to 17:00 daily with lunch, tea breaks (morning and afternoon).

NO cell phones – no smart phones – no tablets – no laptops allowed during training sessions except for Day 5 when a laptop is required.

Thorough – Intensive – Real-world programme.

*   The aim of this programme is to mould you into the kind of Administrator or Executive PA every organisation would want to employ.

*   It is about having a sustainable job in the 4IR.

*   Working as an Administrator or Executive PA you should consistently know what is going on all around you. The programme aims to better prepare you for this role and beyond and help you to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with your role.

*   At the end of each day delegates will be required to complete an assignment related to that day’s programme and ample time will be given to complete these so it can be handed in at the close of each day (+/-17:00).



*   All Administrators, PAs and Secretaries who feel they are up for a challenge and feel they need to be ready to take on the new 4IR.

*   Ambitious PA’s, Office Administrators and Secretaries who are confident in their current positions and who wish to grow into junior management positions.

*   Those who wish to improve their effectiveness and responsibilities.

*   PA’s and Secretaries and Administrators who wish to be more proactive, grow in their positions, increase their portfolio of skills and competencies.




4th Industrial Revolution (4IR): DEFINING YOUR ROLE

*   The 4IR is about complexity, thinking abilities, strategic and critical thinking, the things machines can’t do.

*   Are you ready for this revolution?

*   The impact of the 4IR on you, your job and your workplace.

*   Attitude and responsibilities: Everything is about

*   Productivity is key to impress your team.

*   Importance of being PRO-ACTIVE.

*   Know your work style and work values.



Minute Taking and MEETING PROCEDURES & Making Social Media work for you and your business

*   Everything you ever need to know about minute taking and meeting procedures.

*   What you need to make Social Media work for you and your company.

*** A Laptop is required for this session – WI-FI will be available. ***


Emotional Intelligence, Personal Mastery & Conflict Management

Emotional Intelligence

*   Self-awareness

*   Self-Management

*   Social awareness

*   Relationship management

*   Empathy

Personal Mastery

*   Defining Personal Mastery

*   Understanding yourself

*   Living a life with purpose and vision

*   Contributing to your team members and others

*   Overcoming fears

*   Balance in Life

*   Achieving success

*   Happiness in life and at your place of work. Creative Problem-solving.

*   Value-based decision-making.

Conflict Management

*   Know your conflict style.

*   Importance of communication and listening skills during conflict handling.



Strategic Thinking, Critical Thinking & Resilience to survive the 4IR

*   The Brain and how we Think

*   Paradigm shift

*   Agility

*   Identify critical skills required to survive the 4IR.

*   Value-based decision-making.

*   Creative problem-solving.

*   Innovative thinking skills

*   Social & Emotional skills that machines and robots don’t have.

*   Resilience




*   Understanding and defining fatigue and alertness?

*   Impact of fatigue on health, safety and performance in the workplace.

*   The sleep cycle and importance of different types of sleep; sleep hygiene and other aspects to improve the quantity and quality of sleep.

*   Understanding the causes of anger and anxiety in the workplace.

*   Work-life balance: neuro-science approach.

Self-defence tips: Not to be missed!

*   Practical tips you’ll learn to help you in case of emergency of unforeseen attacks at home or in the street – very suitable for the days and times we’re living in. WE ALL NEED THIS! You won’t regret it.

N.B. Course fee does not include accommodation and is for the delegate(s) own account.



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