SETA Accreditation No. 6570

Technical Sales Training

Workshop dates:

Johannesburg:  For future dates email
Durbanville, Cape Town: For future dates email
Durban North: For future dates email

Course Fee: 

Single: R6,500.00 (R7,475.00 incl. 15% VAT)
Group booking of 3 delegates or more: R6,000.00 (R6,900.00 incl. 15% VAT) per delegate – T&Cs apply.

In-House Training sessions: available on request – send an e-mail with specifications to


Selling into a technical market can be very different from selling into any other market. This comprehensive programme covers the theoretical and practical skills required by sales professionals working in a technical environment.

Communication in technical fields can become a major issue due to the complexed processes, approvals, jargon and differences in culture and can often become barriers in the sales process, making it more difficult than it should be.

Our training programme aims to give the delegates the skills and practical tools needed to be successful in this highly specialised profession. Delegates will leave the course with practical templates that can be used in their day to day activities. Areas covered include Sales Fundamentals, Relationship Management, Business to Business Sales Management, Payback calculations & Negotiation Skills.


Upon completing this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Approach the sales process from a solutions-based view
  • Plant, sow and grow business relationships to increase sales
  • Understand how to populate and use CRM systems
  • Theory of Business to Business sales
  • Effectively manage time
  • Understand the complexities of negotiation
  • Use sales techniques for selling high priced items using pay back calculations.
  • Recognise own strengths, limitations, motivators and work motivators.

This workshop is ideal for sales professionals and managers in the engineering, manufacturing and industrial sectors as well as technical professionals who are involved in the sales process.

This course will help to focus and increase the drive and success of:

  • Technicians or Engineers moving into a more commercial role.
  • Commercial personnel needing to sell to, or work successfully within technical markets.
  • Sales individuals or teams needing to re-focus, re-enthuse and win more sales.

This 2-day programme will give delegates insight into the issues and barriers to selling in a technical market and will teach proven and effective skills and techniques such as:

  • Marketing for sales – all about the message and the marketing mix
  • Planning – objectives, setting goals and targets; developing best strategies
  • Prospecting – selecting targets and prospects
  • Contacting – developing the relationship: grabbing attention and gaining interest
  • Presenting – pitching and aiming for the close
  • Sales Negotiating – understand negotiation, the phases and characteristics of good negotiations. Establish your WATNA and BATNA and know how to use them. Identify your WAP.
  • Closing – the art in closing the deal – the ultimate reward.
  • Account Management – building a balanced customer base.
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