SETA Accreditation No. 6570

Social Media & Electronic Communication Workshop

Workshop dates:

Johannesburg: 19 November 2019
Durbanville, Cape Town:  11 November 2019
Pretoria:  24 October 2019
Durban North:  6 November 2019


***Early bird fee less R550.00 and group booking less R700.00 per delegate – available until 27 September 2019 – see details below***


Course Fee:

Single: R3,800.00 (R4,370.00 incl. 15% VAT) per delegate.

Early Bird fee less R550.00: R3,250.00 (R3,737.50 incl. 15% Vat) for all NEW registrations received and paid by 27 September 2019

Group fee for 3 or more delegates less R700.00:  R3,100.00 (R3,565.00 incl. 15% Vat) for all New registrations received and paid by 27 September 2019. T&C’s apply. Groups of 8 or more delegates will be done in-house.

For enquiries or in-house bookings, please contact Charlotte at 011 902 0720 or email  or Ronell on 073 291 0450 email


The question is not whether to use social media to market or promote your business, but how best to do it.

This workshop will help you better understand how social media can help increase brand awareness, engage better with customers and grow sales.  Knowing how to successfully use Social Media for your business is key to providing your customers with an interactive brand experience and growing strong customer-brand relationships.

Time is limited, we get it. We know you’re busy and you want to be sure that the time you spend on social media is going to pay off. This workshop will show you everything you need to know to use social media in the most effective way.

Apply social tools to:

  • Create valued customer experiences
  • Drive workforce productivity and effectiveness
  • Accelerate innovation

More and more leading companies are integrating social into their strategies to drive competitiveness and addressing the overall change process.

Course Outline:

  • Where Social Network Marketing (SNM) is heading?
  • Using Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn and
  • Other SNM to promote your business.


• Blogging
• Mind-set before marketing via SNM
• Different strategies for different businesses
• Building your own SNM strategy
• Integrating Social Networks into your other marketing interventions
• Questions and answers

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