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Construction Contracts & Regulations

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Single: R8,800.00 (R10,120.00 incl. 15% VAT)
Group Bookings:  R6,500.00 (R7,475.00 incl. 15% VAT) per delegate for 3 or more people – T&C’s apply.

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This three-day practical and intensive workshop aims to provide delegates with an awareness of the importance of construction contracts and the legal principles applicable to such contracts. Delegates will gain an understanding with regards to the management of their construction projects. The programme aims to equip delegates to determine the inherent risks associated with project life cycles, and help them to understand the contractual tools to avoid cost and exceed project life-times.

The knowledge of construction contracts and the mechanisms which underpin contracts, both legally and operationally, make it imperative that all staff should be involved in the management of projects.

This workshop will emphasize the standard form contracts which apply in the South African construction industry such as the FIDIC 1999 suite, NEC 3, GCC 2010 and JBCC2000 6th Edition. The facilitator will deal with and discuss various case studies (local and internationally) and delegates will gain an in-depth understanding of the legal requirements presented by construction contracts and what the potential ramifications of non-compliance can cause organisations.

Unit Standards Covered will include:

Unit Standard 9982: Comply with legal requirements for a construction contract.

Unit Standard 77063:

  • Construction workplace hazards and / or risks
  • Requirements of current, relevant legislation and accepted theories impacting on Health, Safety and Environmental issues in the construction environment
  • Recognise, assess and report health and safety hazards and situations on the relevant construction site
  • Ensure health and safety on construction sites to encourage safety awareness and behaviour.
OHS ACT vs Construction Regulations:

It is our aim to effectively equip delegates with the necessary knowledge and skill to understand and interpret the Construction Regulations, local and internationally, to ensure legal compliance on their respective sites and operations in relation to the OHS Act.

Delegates will be able to:
  • Have an understanding of Construction Regulations and how to apply it in relation to the OHS Act
  • Understand and communicate using the terminology defined in the regulations
  • Comprehend the requirements to provide Health and Safety specifications
  • Look at Hazard Identification
  • Draw up a Health and Safety plan
The workshop will further cover:
  • Legal entities and registrations such as Workmens Compensation, UIF, NHBRC, Local Authorities, Safety Inspectors, RSC, Skills Development (CETA).
  • Construction Guarantees
  • Builder Lien
  • Incidents related to the OHS Act.
  • Statutory requirements for national building regulations applicable to construction, including acts and regulations, ordinances, by-laws, directives, standards, guidelines, and codes, issued by a legislative body such as parliament, provincial administrations, local authorities and other bodies so empowered by any of the former.
  • Other related national legislation, acts and regulations.

The workshop will provide delegates with an understanding of how to deal with Construction Contracts and their relationship with Construction and Project Management as well as Risk Assessment.

Topics to be covered:
  • The Law of Contract and what influence these contracts
  • Types of contracts used in the construction industry and the use and benefits of standard contracts for the project t-e-a-m
  • Procurement of Construction and Engineering Contracts
  • Roles of the Parties
  • Features of Standard Contract Forms used in
Construction and Engineering:
  • Negligence in the construction context
  • Procurement methods and the allocation of risk
  • Civil l-i-a-b-i-l-i-t-y for construction defects
  • Remedies for breach of contract
  • Contractual failures, remedies and dispute resolutions
  • Health and Safety Legislation and employment law
  • Contractual a-b-u-s-e
  • The management of risk from start to end.
Who Should Attend?

This workshop is aimed at any person who have had no or limited previous knowledge and experience in the legal aspects of the Construction Regulations. Working experience on a construction site or in a construction related environment or construction projects should be an advantage but not a prerequisite.

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