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Stock Control

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Managing stock effectively is important for any business, because without enough stock, production and sales will grind to a halt. Stock control involves careful planning to ensure that the business has sufficient stock of the right quality available at the right time.

Stock can mean different things and depends on the industry the firm operates in. It includes:

  • Raw materials and components from suppliers
  • Work in progress or part finished goods made within the business
  • Finished goods ready to dispatch to customers
  • Consumables and materials used by service businesses

The impact of effective stock control on working capital, cash flow and shrinkage are just a few of the advantages.
If a business does not have the necessary stock to meet orders, this can lead to a loss of sales and a damaged business reputation.

  • Understanding how stock systems and stock control works
  • Understanding the concepts such as Supply Chain, JIT (Just-in-time), and Distribution Inventories
  • Understanding the impact of poor stock control and the impact the store’s function has on other departments
  • Distinguishing between stock taking and cycle counting and understanding how each function needs to be conducted
  • Knowledge of how to effectively run a store in order to contribute to increased customer service levels, as well as financial savings
  • Knowledge of how to safeguard and maintain the various tooling and equipment that is used by the stores personnel on a daily basis
  • Realisation of the important role that the stores function plays within the company
  • Knowledge of how to effectively control and monitor the movement of stock through the stores environment
  • Mind-set change of dealing with cash as opposed to stock items
  • Knowledge of the importance of documentation
  • Understanding the importance of safety and security of the store / warehouse

To ensure that effective stock control is exercised, this practical workshop will cover in-depth key topics including:

  • Storekeeping functions, tasks and responsibilities
  • The effect of stock control on working capital and cash flow
  • The effect of shrinkage and losses
  • Forecasting future demands, trends and seasonal variations
  • When to order and re-order levels
  • Managing lead times
  • Just-in-time (J.I.T) Method
  • Controlling of return and back orders
  • Purchasing, re-order levels and reserve stock
  • Importance of controlling access
  • Security of stock and stores and importance of signing in and out
  • Stores layout and design
  • Stocktaking and stock control
  • Stock control systems
  • Record keeping
  • Expiry dates and damaged stock
  • Stock counts, accuracy and counting methods
  • Treatment of discrepancies
  • Checking the quality of deliveries, suppliers invoices and delivery notes
  • Ordering and tracking inventory and categorisation of inventory
  • Types of stock take documentation
  • Health and safety requirements, standards and ethics in stores
  • Dealing with internal / external customers efficiently
  • Stock control officers
  • Receiving and despatch personnel
  • Administrators responsible for office stock
  • PAs in charge of stationery
  • Stores administrators
  • Anyone else involved in stock control
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