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Procurement Management Programme

Workshop dates:

Johannesburg:  For future dates email
Durbanville, Cape Town:  For future dates email
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Course Fee: 

Single: R8,450.00 (R9,633.00 incl. VAT)
Group Booking of 3 or more delegates:  R7,500.00 (R8,550.00 incl. VAT) per delegate – T&C’s apply

In-House Training sessions:  available on request – send an e-mail with specifications to

Duration:  3 days

$1 trillion?   The amount annually lost to fraud and corruption globally!!!!!! Of this figure 71.8% is procurement fraud.

This course is highly interactive combining theory with team exercises and group interaction.

This course aims to equip delegates as well as professionals who wish to obtain more knowledge, skills, and competencies to be able to fulfil their roles in procurement management, purchasing and supply chain positions in the public and private sectors. This programme includes case studies which have been prepared for delegates to work with and are based on real-world examples.

  • An introduction into the issues facing the procurement functions (Segregation of duties, Fraud, Cost, Delivery, etc.)
  • Understanding what is involved in supplier selection
  • Implementing a structured buying process
  • How to apply basic contracting principals to purchasing
  • To enable teams preparing tenders to have a structured approach to the process
  • An understanding of the legal aspects regarding tenders and contracts
  • Enabling companies that tender to provide clear understanding of the important issues to address
  • Being mindful of the impact of purchasing and tendering on the operations
Target Audience
  • Procurement managers
  • Financial managers
  • Buyers / Purchasing Managers
  • Operational managers
  • Procurement staff
  • Project teams
  • Tender evaluators
  • Staff involved in tendering
  • Procurement staff (supply chain staff in Government institutions)
Course Content
  • Procurement fraud
    • Current position
    • Types of fraud
  • Board responsibility
  • Executive management responsibility
  • Segregation of duties in the procurement function
  • The role procurement plays in the organisations success
  • Practical exercise covering the procurement process and policies
Supplier negotiation
  • Contract basics that needs to be understood in the negotiation process
  • Defining the correct requirements by the business units for procurement to action
  • The five rights of buying
    • Price
    • Place
    • Time
    • Quantity
    • Quality
  • Supplier qualification
  • Why do supplier selection?
    • Their ability and sustainability to support the organisation
    • Supplier stability to ensure supply
    • Impact of suppliers on organisations reputation
  • Compiling the selection criteria
  • Advertising
  • Evaluate suppliers using scoring
  • Practical exercise on how to compile a Supplier Selection Invitation
Purchasing (Buying) and tendering
  • Stock planning
  • The role of software (MRP) in stock planning
  • Obtaining quotes
  • Tendering
    • When to tender
    • Who should be the members of the tender team?
    • Understanding the use of a Request for information (Proposal)
  • How to compile a Request for Tender
  • Practical exercise on how to compile Tender Docs
  • How to advertise to get the best response
  • Why briefing sessions are important
  • Disqualification criteria
  • Compiling scorecards
  • Practical exercise on compiling Scorecards
  • Supplier appointment
    • Rules regarding the submission of tender documents
    • Transparent tender opening procedures
    • Evaluation and adjudication of tenders
Supplier management
  • Contracting
    • What should be covered in the contract
      • Parties involved
      • Deliverables
      • Conditions
      • Waivers
    • Ordering best practice
      • What to include when placing orders on suppliers
    • Service level agreements
      • When to enter into service level agreements
      • What is important to include in service level agreements
      • Practical exercise on compiling Service Level Agreements
    • Managing supplier performance
      • Converting the contract into daily works instructions
      • Data collection from all the affected parties
      • Providing a dash board
      • Practical exercise on what to include in Supplier Management Dashboard
Feedback on this course presented to companies:
  • Structure and participation were most informative. Very good (Letseng Diamonds)
  • Tendering process and fraud prevention were most informative. Very impressive (Petroleum Agency)
  • Tender process and PFMA were most informative. Excellent (Unisa)
  • Process evaluation was most informative. Excellent trainer. Very informative (Litha Pharma)
  • Very informative and knowledgeable presenter. Interesting (Plessey)
  • The tender process and contracts section were most informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, venue and food. Excellent (Plessey)
  • Great course. Everything was informative (SPX/ DB Thermial)
  • The complete content was informative. It did benefit me greatly (Iveco)
  • Informative and interactive (Energizer SA)
  • Informative, especially the tender process, contracts and general knowledge. Nic provided a lot of general knowledge (What About Us Entertainment).

This course is also offered in-house and can be customised to include specific examples and exercises based on the organisation’s activities.

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