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Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Integrated Global Perspective

Online Workshop dates:

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NORMAL Online Course fee: R5,200.00 (R5,980.00 incl. VAT) p/p

Dates: 1-2 June / 9-10 July 2020


Public Course Fee: R6,800.00 (R7,820.00 incl. VAT)


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Managing and securing the movement of goods as well as essential control thereof from supplier to customer has become an ever increasing need within companies across the globe. Supply chain and logistics management are integral in contributing towards the profitability of any organisation.

This programme will further ensure that delegates get a general understanding of the supply chain and logistics framework which includes: the planning, procurement, pricing, stock management and distribution / logistics and is designed to help apply the principles and techniques associated with these areas of knowledge.

This integrated programme further aims to provide delegates with a wide-range of competencies and practical skills in the acquisition, interpretation and understanding of the logistics and supply chain management principles. Delegates would be able to make decisions in the context of a logistics organisation, analyse relevant information and produce resourceful responses to specific problems in the world of logistics.

The programme is developed to provide delegates with an insight into the micro- and macro-economic environment in which logistics companies function and will provide delegates with an understanding of general management and specific logistic management principles.

Who should attend?

Any person working in a logistics, distribution and SCM related environment who would like to obtain a better understanding of all the key issues for global supply chain and logistics management, such as:

  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Transport
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Purchasing
  • Clearing and Freight forwarding


Integrated Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management

  • Introduction to supply chain and logistics management
  • Current supply chain strategies
  • Customer service and logistics
  • Channels of distribution
  • Planning framework for logistics
  • Logistics management and organisation

Inventory Management Supply Chains

  • Inventory flows and supply chains
  • Forms of inventory and their role
  • Inventory as buffer islands in a supply stream
  • Demand amplification and distortion
  • Setting and measuring the effectiveness of inventory
  • Planning and forecasting

Outsourcing Trends and Best Practice

  • Outsourcing operations and services
  • Value added services
  • Key drivers for outsourcing
  • The selection process
  • Outsourcing management
  • Managing the 3PL relationship
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Logistics Processes

  • Logistics risks and insurance
  • Risk management tools
  • Agents and principals
  • What are 3PL and 4PL solutions and risk profile
  • The tender process

Freight Transport Industry – Introduction and Development

  • Economics
    *  Global sourcing, industry relocation and its impact on transportation requirement
    *  The world Trade Organisation process and quota regimes
  • Legislation, authorities and the regulatory environment

Freight Transport Industry – Road, Rail, Air and Sea Transport

  • Transport characteristics
    *  Road
    *  Rail
    *  Air
    *  Sea
  • Pressures on the industry
    *  Social
    *  Security
    *  Environmental
  • Forecasting transportation demand
  • Port and terminal capacity
  • Current and future trends

Warehouse and Distribution Centre Design

  • Outsourcing of warehouse operations
  • Warehouse location planning
  • Operations – order picking
  • Operations – packaging
  • Warehouse design and fittings
    *  Storage systems – manual and automated
    *  Combined storage and order fulfilment systems
    *  Sortation systems
    *  Warehouse layouts and material flow
    *  Control systems

Key Issues for Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management

  • Developments impacting on the supply chain
  • Logistics network planning
  • Inventory and the integrated supply chain
    *  Problems with traditional approaches to inventory planning
    *  New inventory requirements
    *  The lead-time gap
    *  Inventory and time
    *  Inventory planning for manufacturing
    *  Inventory planning for retailing

Information Communications Technology and Supply Chains

  • Supply chain and IT strategy
  • The role of supply chain systems in business change
  • Transaction systems
  • Planning systems
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • ASP, outsourcing and security
  • Transport management systems
  • Supply co-ordination and warehousing systems
  • Implementation
  • IT and process mapping tool

Performance Measurement and Improvement – Optimisation Strategies

  • Review of logistics and supply chain performance indicators
  • Analytical performance and benchmarking techniques
  • Current issues in supply chain performance and optimisation
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