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Winning at the CCMA / NBC

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Single : R4,500.00 (R5,130.00 incl. VAT)

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A hands-on programme designed to give employers a distinct advantage when being taken to the CCMA by ex employees and disgruntled employees.  How to confidently present your case to the CCMA and understand the basic and simple rules to make the process easy and simple.

  • Considering conciliation’s and arbitration
  • Organizing your case
  • Understanding what you can expect at the hearing
  • Preparing your witnesses
  • Comprehending the legal aspects

This programme will concentrate specifically on tools, ideas and methods to make this unenviable task more effective and equitable.

This practical programme has been specifically aimed at providing company directors, senior managers, human resource managers, attorneys, business owners and supervisors with hands on assistance, advice and guidance when having to go to the CCMA.

This CCMA programme is designed and facilitated in such a way that even regular visitors to the CCMA will be able to learn additional skills and sharpen existing skills.

All delegates will be provided with every template requirement in order to challenge the CCMA processes and the legalistic requirements demanded by the CCMA and the many Bargaining Councils.

Winning at the CCMA or Bargaining Councils is just a matter of knowing the “rules”, being confident and having the information at your fingertips.  You never need to settle at the CCMA and company representatives will be confident and enthusiastic to approach dismissal disputes at the CCMA.

  • Conciliation
  • Jurisdictional aspects / Objections to Con/Arb
  • The Notice of set-down
  • Points in limine
  • Jurisdictional aspects
  • Preparation
  • Conceptualize the case
  • Gathering the necessary information
  • Finalize your preparations
  • Guidelines on statement taking
  • Preparing your witness for the hearing
At the Hearing
  • The Commissioners
  • Onus of Proof
  • Law of Evidence
  • The process that will be adopted
  • Submission of closing arguments
  • Effect of an award and costs
Dealing with Default Awards
  • Jurisdictional aspects
  • Rescission applications
Post Course Assistance

Reasonable and complimentary post course assistance and advice for delegates with disciplinary / CCMA issues will be gladly entertained.  course delegates will have access to all blank forms, assistance with drafting of charges, assistance with implementation of a Disciplinary Code & Procedure, inclusive of all blank forms, disciplinary checklists and any other tool to make this process easier and comfortable.  Delegates will also be provided with any forms needed for the CCMA / NBC including templates for Rescission, Objections to Con-arbs, Opposing Con-donation, Con-donation Applications and CCMA points in limine.

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