Recruitment & Selection Interviewing Skills

Workshop dates:

Johannesburg: 11-12 July 2018
Durbanville, Cape Town: 19-20 July 2018
Durban North:  For future dates email

Course Fee: 

Single:  R8,500.00 (R9,775.00 incl. 15% VAT).

Group booking of 5 or more delegates: R7,200.00 (R8,280.00 incl. 15% VAT) – T&Cs apply.

In-House Training sessions: available on request – send an e-mail with specifications to

Who Should Attend?
  • This Recruitment and Selection Skills course is for Line managers and HR and development professionals new to recruitment and selection, or those who would appreciate an update of their knowledge and skills.
  • Owners and managers of SMMEs will also greatly benefit from the skills acquired during this workshop and will be in a position to make the appropriate staff appointments at the right time.
Course overview

The key to unlocking an organisation’s potential to achieve maximum performance and efficiency is its people. Effective recruitment and selection is the first vital step in building a winning team.

The practical 3-day Recruitment and Selection Skills course concentrates on preparing for and conducting interviews. The Recruitment and Selection Skills course and also gives an overview of those crucial areas necessary for effective and efficient recruitment and selection.

Course benefits

By the end of the Recruitment and Selection Skills course you will be able to:

  • Design a selection process which will ensure that the best people are recruited
  • Plan and undertake effective one-to-one interviews
  • Differentiate between those candidates who ‘do a good interview’ and those that can ‘do a good job’
  • Recognise the importance of using a range of selection tools
  • Explain the legal, social and political context of recruitment and selection
  • Put together an appropriate person specification comprising well-written competencies
  • Arrive at soundly-based selection decisions combining information from a variety of sources and ensuring the support of all interested parties
  • Identify the characteristics of effective advertisements which will attract the right candidates, comply with legislation and also add to the diversity of an organisation.
Course Outline

The Recruitment and Selection process

How does one proceed to find the person with the appropriate mix of education, experience, human relations skills, communications skills, and motivation?

  • The HR Challenge: Better, Faster, Cheaper and More Strategic – the need for effective and efficient hiring process
  • Transactional and Tactical elements in recruitment and selection cycle
  • Applicant Evaluation and Candidate Assessment (recruitment and testing)
  • Understanding CSF (Critical Success Factors) for unfilled vacancies and for unrealised new business strategy
  • Important component of the recruitment process – writing the job requirements
  • Competency-based approach
  • Managing influx of profiles with complex set of information
  • Compiling a person specification and writing competencies – defining job roles and responsibilities
  • Interpreting cvs – profiling – white spaces vs black holes
  • Identifying job squatters, worker drones, career gypsies and performance gynies
  • Preparing competency-based questions vs motivation (can/will dynamic) to determine value add behaviour and long term fit
  • Structuring the interview

Effective advertising

  • Recruitment advertising: typical ads and writing of goods ads
  • Widening the net
  • Understanding the aspirations of potential candidates

Equal opportunities

  • Constricted labour supply – under supply of qualified candidates plus economic shifts addressing the need for increased skills of new jobs
  • The advantages vs downsides of BEE compliance
  • Diversity and good practice
  • Fairness and equity
  • Major legal issues in recruitment and selection
  • Relevant South African legislation in terms of recruitment, selection, interviewing
  • The advantages vs downsides of BEE compliance
Introduction to selection approaches
  • Applicant Evaluation
  • Automation of HR process and techniques – understanding the new tools and their uses
  • The Role of Professionally Developed Assessments
  • Tests, assessment centres and other selection tools
  • Checking of references
  • Screening and shortlisting
Dealing with subjectivity
  • Value based recruitment
  • Arriving at soundly-based selection decisions with the support of all parties
  • Influencing the selection decision
  • Ethics in the workplace – trust, transparency and fairness
Interviewing skills
  • Transactional process – identifying and hiring new staff
  • Exchange contact info
  • Profiles (CV/Resumes) collected and distributed
  • Selection measures administered
  • Interviews conducted
  • Hiring negotiations commence
  • Design questionnaire – questioning techniques for gathering accurate and detailed information from the candidate
  • Competency based interviewing process – vs behavioural and motivational questions
  • Framework of the interview
  • Creating the right atmosphere for an interview
  • Body Language and detecting deception
  • Setting up elimination criteria – value, risk and purpose

Practising your interviewing and selection skills

  • Role-playing a selection interview, with a feedback and analysis session following each interview
  • Taking notes
  • Evaluating candidates at shortlist stage and after interview
  • Feedback to unsuccessful candidates

Action planning

  • Start with a skills gap projection

Strategic Impact on Organisational Direction

  • Less administrative and more strategic – addressing labour gaps
  • Human Capital – attract, hire and retain employees that add most value (skills gaps, speed, deployment and alignment)
  • How to develop employer brand – competitive advantage
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