SETA Accreditation No. 6570

HR Strategic Management

Workshop dates:

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Course Fee: 

Single: R7,800.00 (R8.892.00 incl. VAT)

Group Booking of 3 delegates: R21,000.00 (R23.940.00 incl. VAT)

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Program Description & Objectives 

We all know how demanding the field of HR can be. The day-to-day practical issues are challenging, and on top of that, HR Practitioners must always focus on the big-picture i.e. the critical strategic issues that affect their organizations. The HR Strategic Management Programme focuses on looking at HR from a business point of view, assisting participants to strengthen their strategic HR competencies and to become more effective strategic & business partners with senior management. 

Who Should Attend? 

This program is a must for Senior HR Executives, mid-level HR Managers, HR Practitioners, Business Owners, General Managers and Division / Department Heads.

Course Content:

This workshop focuses on Strategic HR Management Planning for organisations and covers:

  • Strategic HR Management versus Traditional HR Management
  • A Model for Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Presentation on Applied HR Strategy and metrics
  • Unique Challenges for HR in a Corporate World
  • Sixty Predictions of Challenges facing HR professionals in the future
  • Presentation on the Future of Human Resources – Maximising Human Capital
  • HR Benchmarking – what it is?
  • The HR Scorecard
  • Best Practice Profiles
  • HR Deserves its place at the table
  • HR requires a true Value Proposition
  • Presentation on factors of HR Value
  • Best Companies to work for – Best Practices to Consider
Key learning points include:

HR Future

  • Understanding and placing people in the right roles
  • Understanding human behaviour and drives
  • Training and Development within the HR sphere
  • Conducting HR related internal and external situation analysis
  • Pinpointing HR related key success factors
  • Conducting HR related SWOT analysis
  • Key Performance areas


  • Understand the HR Strategic planning model in line with the Human Resource approach
  • Determine where your organisation is in terms of approach to HR
  • Identify and apply key components of the HR strategic planning model and its application to your organisation.
  • Setting HR strategic and operational goals & objectives
  • Preparation of HR strategic- and annual operational plans 

HR Challenges

  • Understand the unique challenges HR faces in the corporate world
  • Identify which challenges are likely to face your organisation
  • Proactively put a plan together to address these challenges


  • Understand the importance of benchmarking the right HR deliverables
  • Understand the challenges of benchmarking in terms of value add
  • Identify which new areas will be valuable to benchmark in your organisation
  • Gain insight in the HR Scorecard and its importance in the HR strategic role
  • Identify what you will measure in your organisation going forward

Best Practice Profiles

  • Enhance understanding of key best practice profiles
  • Become familiar with the Ulrich Model
  • Determine how you can apply this in your organisation
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