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How to Chair & Conduct Disciplinary Hearings

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This is an interactive Two-day workshop that can be presented in-house or as a public workshop.
The workshop is aimed at employees who are responsible for direct reports and supervisors / manager who will be responsible for initiating and chairing disciplinary hearings.

The workshop will:
  • Provide your managers & supervisors with essential knowledge & valuable skills to initiate & chair Disciplinary Hearings/Enquiries
  • Identify dangerous pitfalls & provide solutions to overcome these
  • Provide them with the confidence to effectively manage these complex Industrial Relations tasks
  • Assist your company to significantly minimise often unavoidable labour litigation which costs big money
  • Provide foundation & structure for Enquiries which save and not waste time
Workshop Content:
  • Understanding the concept of corrective discipline.
  • Handling a disciplinary incident when it occurs
  • Understanding the purpose of a disciplinary hearing
  • What a disciplinary Hearing looks like
  • Your company specific procedure
  • Preparing for a Hearing
  • The opening statement
  • Questioning techniques
  • Cross questioning
  • Knowing the basics rules of Evidence
  • How to perform in a disciplinary hearing/Pre dismissal arbitration
  • Procedural Fairness
  • The purpose of a disciplinary hearing
  • Difficulties experienced in hearings
  • The roles of participants in a disciplinary hearing
  • The procedure to follow in a disciplinary hearing
  • How to perform in a disciplinary hearing
  • The basic Law of Evidence
  • Substantive Fairness
  • Considering Evidence and making a finding
  • Considering a suitable sanction
  • Writing a penalty and sanction decision
  • Skills practice as Initiator
  • Skills practice as Chairperson
  • The basics of the law of unfair dismissals
Delegates will obtain answers and solutions to every-day questions relating to:
  • Investigation & Preparation Processes
  • Managing The Enquiry
  • Finding The Proof
  • Weighing The Evidence
  • Deciding Verdicts
  • Issuing Sanctions
  • Hearing Appeals
  • Valuable Guideline Documentation
Learn how to:
  • Avoid pitfalls in investigating a case
  • Prepare charges that stick, deal with personal attacks & insults from “opstroppolis” representatives & witnesses
  • Cut down on unnecessary time wasting
  • Focus on relevant evidence
  • Determine issues relating to absenteeism, drunkenness, fraud, theft, negligence, etc.
  • Decide on the veracity of proof emanating from lie detectors or entrapment,
  • and many more pertinent and practical day-to-day issues!

Note that this workshop incorporates all relevant codes and guidelines on fair procedures for discipline and termination of employment contracts.


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