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Effective Handling of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Workshop dates:

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Course Fee: 

Single : R4,250.00 (R4,845.00 incl. VAT)

Group booking of 5 delegates:  R20,000.00 (R22,800.00 incl. VAT) – T&Cs apply.

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This workshop is designed to empower employers and employees with the specialist knowledge and skills necessary to comply with statutory obligations to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and handle sensitive discrimination matters and traumatized employees appropriately.

Keeping in mind the complexity of the issues and the lack of legal certainty in this area of the law, this seminar provides an ideal opportunity to delegates to raise concerns, clarify the law and establish best practice procedures in relation to the handling of sexual harassment in your workplace while demystifying the confusing external dispute resolution processes provided by the CCMA and High Courts.

For employers, this seminar is vital in taking measures to protect against future litigation in the form of unfair discrimination claims and ensuring a safe working environment by providing informative training sessions to employees in relation to their rights.

Employers are encouraged to develop and implement policies and procedures that will lead to the creation of workplaces where employers and workers respect one another’s integrity and dignity, their privacy, and their right to equity in the workplace.

Course Content

The following topics form part of the course:

  • Definition
  • The application
  • How this application is applicable to the relevant parties
  • Forms of s e x u a l harassment
  • The s e x u a l predator
  • The purpose of policy
  • Drawing up and Applying policy
  • Appointment and creation of designated officer for Harassment
  • Assistance and procedure for victims
  • Grievances and s e x u a l harassment
  • Non Compliance to company policy
  • The investigation
  • Suspension
  • Cultural interpretation of s e x u a l harassment
  • The civil and criminal remedy
  • Vicarious liability
  • Sensitivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Long term programs for victims
  • Leave implications
  • Education and proactive company involvement
  • Collective agreements and s e x u a l harassment
  • Union involvement in s e x u a l harassment policy
  • Remedy in terms of the LRA
  • The judicial implications of s e x u a l harassment
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