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Arbitration: Your Winning Strategy for disputes

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Almost every employer ends up some time or another in an ARBITRATION concerning a DISPUTE with an employee.  Improve your skills in dealing with an ARBITRATION to ensure that you come out as the winner and not the loser.


This interactive programme will equip you with the essential skills that you need to participate fully in arbitration proceedings.

Course Outline
The context of Arbitration
  • Definitions of arbitration
  • Different types of arbitration
  • The role of the Labour Relations Act
  • The role of the Arbitration Act
  • The types of disputes, which are referred to arbitration
  • The arbitration agreement and terms of reference for arbitrators
An Overview of the Law of Unfair Dismissal
  • Definition of dismissal
  • Procedural and substantive fairness considerations in cases of dismissal for misconduct and for poor performance
The Arbitration Process
  • Visualizing the arbitration
  • Stages in the arbitration process and their purposes
  • Possible problems at each stage in the arbitration process
  • Preparing for arbitration
  • Opening statements
  • Narrowing the issues
  • Principles of evidence in arbitration
  • Examination, cross-examination and re-examination
  • Closing statements
The Arbitration Award
  • The decision-making process
  • Mitigating and aggravating factors
  • The structure of an arbitration award
  • Possible remedies
  • Appeal and review
Role Plays
  • Presenting a case in arbitration
Who should Attend?
  • Executive Directors of small to medium businesses
  • HR and IR professionals with limited exposure to labour law
  • HR Practitioners
  • Line Managers – Operational Managers and others responsible for labour law matters
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