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Finance for Non-financial Managers




Midrand, Johannesburg: 18-19 May 2021
Durbanville, Cape Town: 20-21 May 2021
Durban North: Online Only


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COURSE FEE: R6,500.00 (R7,475.00 incl. VAT) per delegate.

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Online Training Hours: 08:30 for 09:00 -16:00 which include 2 x 20 min tea breaks and 1 x 30 min lunch break.

Technical requirements: Training will be presented live via Zoom / Microsoft Teams. You need to have access to either a tablet / laptop / desktop including activated webcam, earphones, etc. Internet connection (3G or 4G / LTE) – minimum speed of 3.0 Mbps (up / down).



This workshop has been designed for managers whose work experience is not directly in the finance area. It will enhance your understanding of the overall budgeting process and how it all runs parallel to the strategic objectives of the organisation. You will also gain an understanding of the financial decision-making framework.

This workshop further aims to equip participants with the analytical skills needed to use financial reports. The integration of investment, operating and financial decisions will be highlighted. This programme will furthermore assist managers in their daily dealings with accounting and financial principles.

There is a great need for better communication between financial and non-financial professionals:

  • for a better tool to help the non-financial manager understand the language of finance, and
  • for the financial professional to learn the terminology that has meaning for the non-financial manager

Who should attend?

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Line Managers
  • Project managers
  • Sales people
  • Senior Managers
  • Anyone who needs to know more about finances in the organisation.
  • Any staff member who is involved or who is responsible for the budgeting system or who needs to understand the basics of financial management, costing and budgeting.

Objectives of this workshop:

• Understand the link between the budget and the organisation’s strategic planning
• Understand how budgets are used both for planning and for control
• Learn how the budget can be used for better accounting practices
• Understand cost awareness
• Learn how the budget links with operations
• Learn the importance of linking finance with the organisation
• Know the purpose of budgets and the impact it has on your organisation.


1. How Critical Is Good Financial Information anyway?

  • Managing a company in today’s business environment
  • The Role of the Finance Department
  • IFRS: The Rules of Financial Reporting
  • The relationship of Finance and Accounting to their departments


2. The Structure and Interrelationship of Financial Statements

  • Tracking the life cycle of a company
  • Accounting is like a football game on videotape
  • The Chart of Accounts – A collection of buckets
  • The General Ledger – Balancing the buckets
  • Accrual Accounting
  • The principal financial statements defined

3. The Balance Sheet: Basic Summary of Value and Ownership

  • Assets and ownership
  • Current assets – Liquidity makes things flow
  • Fixed assets – Property and possessions
  • Other assets
  • Current liabilities
  • Long-term liabilities – Borrowed capital
  • Ownership comes in various forms
  • Using this report effectively

4. The Income Statement: The Flow of Progress

  • They say timing is everything
  • Sales
  • Cost of sales
  • Gross Profit: The first measure of profitability
  • Operating Expenses: Running the business
  • Operating Income: The basic business bottom line
  • Other income and expenses
  • Income before taxes, Income taxes and net income
  • Earnings per share
  • Using this report effectively

5.  A Profit vs. Cash Flow: What’s the Difference?

  • The cash flow cycle
  • Cash basis vs. accrual basis
  • Net profit vs. Net cash flow in your financial reports

6. The Cash Flow Statement: Tracking the King

  • Beginning where the Income Statement ends
  • Cash from Operations
  • Cash for Investing
  • Cash from Financing
  • Using this report effectively

7. Critical Performance Factors (CPFs): Finding the Hidden Information

  • What are CPFs?
  • Measures of Financial Condition and Net Worth
  • Measures of Profitability
  • Measures of Financial Leverage
  • Measures of Productivity
  • Trend Reporting: Using history to predict the future
  • Cost Accounting:
  • The Purpose of Cost Accounting
  • Fixed and variable expenses
  • Controllable and uncontrollable expenses
  • Standard Costs – Little things mean a lot
  • Cost variances

8. Business Planning: Creating the Future You Want

  • Why take time to plan?
  • Strategic Planning vs. Operational Planning
  • Vision and Mission – The Starting Point
  • Strategy – Setting direction
  • Long-Term Goals – The path to the mission
  • Short-Term Goals and Milestones – The Operating Plan

9. The Annual Budget: Financing Your Plans

  • Tools for telling the future: Budgets, Forecasts, Projections
  • How to budget for revenues
  • Budgeting costs
  • The budgeting process
  • Flexible budgets
  • Variance reporting and taking action

Financing the Business: Understanding the Debt vs. Equity Options

  • How a business gets financed
  • Short-Term debt
  • Long-Term debt
  • Convertible debt
  • Capital stock
  • Attracting outside investors:
  • The entrepreneur’s path
  • The start-up company
  • Professional investors
  • Venture capitalists
  • The initial public offering
  • Strategic investors
  • Acquisition
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