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Unlocking Your Full Potential

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Course Fee: 

Single: R4,800.00 (R5,472.00 incl. VAT)
Group bookings of 5 delegates or more:  R4,300.00 (R4,902.00 incl. VAT) per delegate – T&C’s apply

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We all know the importance of a positive and motivated workforce. Developing a good workplace culture will not happen over-night, it will take some time. There is no exact science to estimate how long it will take to improve motivation for employees. What is extremely important is for employees to understand themselves and how they fit into the organisation’s culture and vice versa.

Very often employees and people settle for less because they are unaware of their capabilities, and this workshop will help them discover their true FULL potential.

Our two international facilitators share a passion to take delegates from all levels within your organisation (from the front desk to executive level) on a  journey  to:

  • Identify and grow their own inner greatness
  • To help them reach their FULL potential and
  • To pursue their own purpose and significance in the workplace and in life.

Research has shown that happiness at work, and therefore happy employees:

  • Contribute favourably to your organisation’s bottom line
  • Improves productivity
  • Enhances communication within the company and
  • Strive to succeed and perform for better results in their respective teams or as individuals.

The starting point and one of the success areas of this workshop is to assist delegates in knowing who they are, what their personality types are and how to apply it in the workplace and within their teams.

The facilitators will demonstrate to delegates that, knowing their own and their team members’ personality styles, can positively impact on their productivity, the company’s bottom line and team effectiveness.

This workshop will enable delegates to:
  • Create motivation in the workplace
  • Think differently and be self-motivated
  • Know their personality type and that of their team members
  • Identify their love languages and why this is important in the workplace
  • Set goals and better plan their days – time management principles
  • Understand the work-life balance wheel
  • Make decisions
  • Understand the brain and how the subconscious mind works
  • Identify bad habits and how to change them
  • Be aware of their self-talk cycle
  • Understand the stages of building a team
  • Learn about team effectiveness and role within the team
  • Understand the importance of team cohesion
  • Understand comfort zones and why they hold us back
  • Identify their leadership styles

This workshop is Unit Standard aligned and carries a NQF level 4.

What previous delegates had to say about this workshop:

I arrived with trepidation and expectation, but very quickly became so involved with the ‘work’ that I started noticing the people around me, and their reaction times and understanding of the content of the exercises. I am comfortably aware of the need to overcome my procrastination and am seriously looking at every avenues to make it something of the past. – Ockie Botha, Mining Industry

This was one of the most personally enlightening workshops I’ve been on. It promotes a sense of self-awareness as well as being aware of other people’s personalities and how to manage them. I found this especially helpful when applied in my corporate job as I find these are aspects we lose sight of as we progress in our careers. We also learnt about the concept of positive self-talk. This is something I had heard of but had never been taught how to practice or apply. This skill was a key lesson which I took from the course. I was reminded in this workshop of what I am truly capable of as an individual. – Chrystal Cape, Chartered Accountant, Manager of External Reporting, Standard Bank Group

The overall g-o-a-l of the course was excellent. I thought that the general approach of developing and completing the exercises in class before going out was effective and worthwhile. The structure of the course was brilliant. Considering the amount of knowledge we received from two highly successful individuals with enormous amount of expertise in the field of business and personal development. The lessons learnt from the program have enriched my professional career as an engineer. Reaching and setting higher g-o-a-l-s by eliminating negative beliefs. To fully understand how your mind works and what impact your beliefs have on any given situation, will determine the relationship you have with your clients and business partners. I will highly recommend attending this program and looking forward to future programs. – Benito Pagotto, Electrical Engineer.

  • About keys to success
  • Your outcome – What would you like to achieve?
  • My personal profile and personality assessment: the importance of knowing the personality styles of your team members and how this affect me?
  • Five Love Languages – why does this matter in the workplace?
  • The Value Determination Process
  • Learning indicators – VAK
  • Summary of learnings
  • Potential worksheet
  • Prime directives of the subconscious mind
  • Life fundamental principles
  • Comfort zones
  • Self-talk cycle
  • Choose the happiness at work habit
  • Making things happen
  • 100 Dreams – why do I need to have dreams?
  • My perfect day
  • Steps to goal setting
  • Balance wheel
  • Goal planning sheets
  • Daily deliberate actions
  • Habit sheet
  • Making a major decision
  • Weekly action sheet
  • Are you busy being busy?
  • Time wasters and how to identify them
TEAM WORK (5 stages of building a winning team)
  • Identity
  • Separation
  • Alignment
  • Cohesion
  • Goals and rewards
  • What is my leadership style?
  • Why anyone can be a leader?
  • Where am I currently on the leadership ladder?

Keys to Success was established in 2014 by Martin and Tracy and their reason for starting the company was born from, passion and a commitment to changing lives. Their knowledge has been acquired over more than 35 years in business.  As a couple they have realised the huge impact, Understanding how your mind works, Who you are and What makes you tick has had on their personal lives.

They are both certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioners, Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioners, Transformational Coaches and NLP life Coaches and Tracy is a Certified Facilitator.  On a personal level they have mentored and coached individuals on business, marriage and relationships.

They are most fulfilled when they see lives change, self-esteem raised, g-o-a-l-s achieved and those that they are working with, realise their full potential.

Over the past two decades they have had the incredible opportunity to share what they have learnt with literally hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe and often address audiences in their thousands. They impact individuals from all walks of life and educational backgrounds, from the  unemployed  youth to major players in the corporate arena.

Their  g o a l  is to see YOU, realise YOUR full potential by understanding where you are and then knowing where it is you want to go.

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