SETA Accreditation No. 6570

Problem Solving and Decision Making

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The purpose of this two-day workshop is for the supervisors and managers to identify their role in managing time, solving problems and making decisions.  This is aligned with the concepts of planning, organizing leading and controlling.  The delegates will learn many different techniques and utilize a number of them through this workshop.

By the end of this course participants should have achieved the following objectives:

  • Define and analyse the problem
  • Evaluate solutions
  • Implement the solution
  • Identify component parts of a moral decision or problem
  • Interpret and explain a strategy for moral decision-making
  • Identify and apply different strategies of moral decision-making
  • Evaluate the ethical consequences of the decision-making process

The programme is applicable to all supervisors and managers.  It facilitates social and economic development.  It also matches learners needs in terms of the skills necessary to perform at a supervisory level.

Course Outline

Brain profiling and personality types

Module 1:  Management
  • Explain Management tasks
  • Identify and define the skills needed for management
Module 2:  Problem Solving
  • Define problem solving
  • Identify blockages to problem solving
  • Demonstrate an understanding of brain based learning
  • Explain the problem solving process
  • Distinguish phases of the decision-making process
  • Explain strategies for avoiding solving the wrong problem precisely
  • Explain how personality affects problem solving and decision-making
Module 3:  Creative problem solving
  • Utilise different forms of creative problem solving
  • Differentiate between urgency and importance
Module 4:  Decision-Making
  • Be effective in decision-making
  • Explain different approaches to decision-making
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