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Negotiation Skills

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Course fee:

Single:  R6,200.00 (R7,068.00 incl. VAT)
Group Booking of 5 delegates:  R5,600.00 (R6,384.00 incl. VAT) T&C’s apply




In this Negotiation Skills programme you will learn how to develop and sharpen your negotiation skills, learn new tactics for negotiating and ensure you get the most out of your discussions, deals, or sales. Improved negotiation skills are an investment that will prove valuable throughout your life.

This two-day program provides participants with a practical understanding of the negotiation process. Participants will leave this program with a full understanding of the best practices of negotiating, whether they are used to negotiate a major business agreement or to settle a misunderstanding with a colleague.

Negotiation is something done by nearly everybody, almost every day in some form or another. With well-sharpened negotiating skills you will help increase your chances of successful discussions, deals, or sales. There are different styles of negotiation, depending on the situational circumstances. This programme aims to provide a thorough grounding in the learning and practice of negotiation and will help you identify the correct negotiation method for each circumstance.

Negotiation aims to resolve situations in which conflict has arisen or may arise, where your desires differ with those of others. When effective, negotiation creates win-win resolutions for both parties.

Who should attend?
  • Key Account Managers
  • Sales staff
  • Buyers
  • Supervisors
  • Line Managers and anyone that needs to refine their negotiation skills.
Course Outcomes:
  • How to evaluate your current negotiation approaches and develop new frameworks
  • How to identify what information you need to negotiate effectively
  • Key negotiation concepts of evaluating alternatives, interests and parties, and how to convert opponents into partners
  • An appreciation for the difference between value claiming and value creating and how to enlarge the pie.
Topics Covered
  • Personal negotiation styles
  • Understanding alternatives and when to walk away from a deal
  • The importance of relationships in negotiations
  • The challenge of transforming competition into cooperation
  • Dealing with emotional and irrational situations
  • Building coalitions and getting around opposing parties
  • Hidden biases and other psychological factors in negotiations
Strategies Explored
  • Value claiming vs value creating
  • Sticking to your own game plan
  • Tapping into more power than you think you have
  • Making better deals and agreements right now
  • Setting targets: you can’t hit a target you never set
  • Using your strengths in your area of expertise
  • Using tips from the competition
  • Avoiding traps and using tactics
  • Countermeasures
  • Dealing with deadlocks and winning
  • Guarding against tricks
  • More subtleties and more skill
  • Your helpful concessions can hurt you
  • Gaining and keeping successful agreements
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