SETA Accreditation No. 6570

Junior Leadership – Basic Principles of Leadership

Workshop dates:

Johannesburg: 25-27 February 2019
Durbanville, Cape Town: 23-25 February 2019
Durban North: 30 January – 1 February 2019

Course Fee: 

Single: R5,200.00 (R5,980.00 incl. 15% VAT)

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This course is NQF aligned at NQF levels 3 and 4.

Identifying and developing leadership skills in junior supervisors and upcoming junior leaders can be as advantageous to the organisation as it could be to the individual themselves.  These employees are needing new skills so that they can get results through other people.

The essential skills for your new and upcoming leaders do not necessarily come naturally. This course aims to help them start to learn about what leadership is and what a leader is supposed to do.

This course was designed and, is aimed at teaching basic skills of leadership to talented junior individuals at all levels within the organisation, who have the potential of becoming new supervisors and team leaders in future.


Any employee who has the potential of becoming a Junior Leader or Supervisor in future, specifically aimed at the following levels within organisations:

  • Messengers
  • Drivers
  • Office Cleaners
  • Tea Executives
  • Upcoming Junior Team Leaders and Junior Supervisors

Admission Requirements

  • Delegates need to be able to understand, read and write in English
  • A minimum of Grade 11 or 12 and / or
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

After attending this course delegates will have a better understanding of:

  • What is expected of a leader?
  • What are the responsibilities of a leader?
  • What Emotional Intelligence is.
  • Why it is important to have good attitude and how it can affect productivity in the workplace.
  • Know and understand that people are different – know about various personality types.
  • Why it is important for team members to work together.
  • Importance of good communication and listening skills to avoid misunderstandings.
  • What conflict is and how to deal with it effectively.
  • Understand the importance of time management and getting things done.
  • Understand the difference between personal and corporate image and branding and why it is important.
  • Managing your personal finances

Introduction to Communication, Conflict and Listening Skills

  • Define communication and why leaders need to be able to communicate effectively
  • Principles of effective communication and listening skills
  • Learn how to become a good listener
  • Understand what verbal and non-verbal communication is
  • Importance of tone of voice in communication
  • Dealing with conflict in the workplace and within your team

Corporate Etiquette, Image and Branding

  • Understand the difference between image and branding
    • Learn how to grow your personal image and branding
    • Know what is meant by corporate etiquette in the workplace
    • Rules about open office space, cell phone etiquette, e-mail etiquette, punctuality
    • Understand the basic principles of telephone etiquette and manners

Customer Service

  • Why are customers important?
  • Learn how to treat and deal with customers
  • Understand the importance of why we should keep our customers rather than to get new ones?
  • Learn how to provide excellent customer service
  • Learn how to deal with unrealistic demands from customers

Time Management

  • Understand the importance of effective time management and planning
  • Identify where you personally lose time
    • Explore how time might be better managed

Introduction to Key Leadership Skills, Types of Leaders and Qualities of Leaders

  • Different personality types
  • Key skills and qualities of a leader
    • Understand the basic principles of leadership

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Teams

  • Basic introduction to what Emotional Intelligence is and how it contributes to being a good leader
  • Learn about the impact of Emotional Intelligence on a leader and his / her team members
  • Realise the importance of working together as a team
  • Understand your team members


  • Understand what delegation is
  • Explore ways of overcoming the barriers to effective delegation

Dealing with Personal Finances

 Messengers, Drivers & Courier Drivers
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Social Media

Single: R3,850.00 (R4,389.00 incl. VAT)

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Single:  (3 days): R8,500.00 (R9,690.00 incl. VAT)

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