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Facilities Management Programme (FMP)







* Early bird discount of 15% p/p and group booking discount less 20% p/p off the normal fee available until 14 February 2020. See details further down. *

Workshop dates:

JHB: 16-17 March 2020
CT: 25-26 March 2020.

Durban and other areas: In-house on request – minimum 6 delegates

Alternatively, attend in JHB or CT and qualify for 25% discount off the normal fee.

For in-house group bookings and other enquiries please e-mail me at or contact Charlotte at 011: 902-0720 / Ronell: 073 291 0450.


Course Fee: R8,500.00 (R9,775.00 incl. VAT)

Early bird discount less 15% (R1,275.00) p/p = R7,225.00 (R8,308.75 incl. VAT per delegate for all NEW registrations received and paid by 14 February 2020.

Group booking discount for 3 or more delegates less 20% (R1,700.00) p/p = R6,800.00 (R7,820.00 incl. VAT) per delegate for all NEW registrations received and paid by 14 February 2020. T&Cs Apply.


This highly interactive and intense 3-day programme is for people working within a Facilities Management or Property Environment or who are new in this field.  This course aims to brush-up and improve on your existing knowledge to the key skills that will help you to progress your career in Facilities Management. The workshop aims to equip you with skills, knowledge and techniques that will help you to create and sustain effective operations in a facilities management environment.

The workshop will further provide delegates with a thorough understanding of Facilities Management and the application thereof in practice and will add value to their understanding of the sector and functioning in the workplace.

Upon completion of this workshop, delegates will also be able to look at all the risks and liabilities of the organisation and understand how you interface with these risks and liabilities and how you can affect them.

The purpose is for delegates to identify, understand and implement activities and operations required in the effective management of facilities.  The programme also offers delegates the understanding of the strategic focus and importance of Facilities Management.

In the fast-changing world of Facilities Management with managing competing priorities, growing stakeholder requirements, limited resources and a multitude of compliance issues, Facilities Management professionals require a unique combination of management skills, technical knowledge and personal attributes to succeed.


To help delegates to distinguish between:

  • facilities management,
  • asset management
  • property management
  • maintenance management.

It will further equip delegates with:

  • the expertise to structure and execute facilities management strategies;
  • the ability to identify aspects relating to facilities analysis;
  • recognise and coordinate activities regarding Facilities Management and
  • be able to monitor and ensure efficient management of facilities.

This workshop is NQF-aligned.


Introduction and Components of Facilities Management (FM) 

  • Introduction to Property, Facilities and Maintenance Management
  • Principles of Facilities Management (FM):
    • General
    • Strategic
    • Facilities Management in South Africa
    • Leadership
  • Characteristics of FM
  • FM Policy and strategy
  • Objectives of FM
  • Project and Configuration management

Defining Facilities Management (FM)

  • Roles and responsibilities of FM

Categorising FM Services

  • Defining service
  • Corporate and cultural service
  • Different service delivery approaches
  • The service, operational, and process side of facilities management
  • FM as a Management Discipline
  • Technical and non-technical services
  • Hard and soft services
  • Strategic and non-strategic services

The Challenges Facing the Facilities Manager

Financial & Environmental Management

  • General accounting terms and concepts
  • Asset and financial management relating to FM
  • Budgeting and Managing FM expenditure, operating costs and services
  • Property owner / facilities manager relationship

Soft Services Management

  • Defining FM Soft Services
  • Key Soft Services
    • Security, catering, cleaning, client service and support
  • Contracts and Service Level Agreements


* Dispute resolution
* Lease agreement
* Leasing of shopping and office space
* Delict and the facilities manager


* Performance measurement
* Benchmarking
* Post occupancy evaluation

Principles of Quality Management

  • Financial implications of and cost-effectiveness in service delivery

Building Maintenance Management

  • Principles of maintenance
  • Building Management Systems
  • Maintenance Management
    • Condition assessment
    • Execution of maintenance work
    • Prioritising maintenance management
  • Principles of life cycle costing
  • Maintenance contracts / SLAs

 Accommodation Management

  • Space planning, design and planning policy
  • Ergonomics and importance of colour
  • Facilities and space planning
  • Calculating space requirements
  • Environmental control of buildings

 Consumer and Communication in FM

  • Customer behaviour and needs in the FM environment
  • Communication and service delivery
  • Customer satisfaction in FM environment
  • Principles and techniques for effective communication
  • Telephone communication skills
  • Dealing with dissatisfied customers
  • Compiling a FM communication plan

 Regulatory framework and risk management

  • Overview of the OHS Act
  • Communicating Health and Safety information to stakeholders
  • Health and Safety Quality Management and Policy
  • Risk Management
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