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Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

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Course Fee: 

Single: R5,200.00 (R5,928.00 incl. VAT)
Group booking of 4 delegates or more: R4,500.00 (R5,130.00 incl. VAT) per delegate – T&Cs apply.


Creativity is an organisation’s lifeblood, driving the innovations that fuel growth and revitalise processes. But, creativity does not just happen on its own.

Whether you are part of a team or leading an entire workforce, you have the power to greatly enhance or completely drain the ability to “think creativity” from your team. This course will introduce you to the “art and science” of creative thinking by developing rational and logical thinking tools and techniques for decision making, problem solving, risk management and harnessing opportunities.

Core learning and development competencies

This course has been designed to support the development of the following related core competencies; creativity, priority setting, problem solving and decision making.

Who should attend

Suitable for managers, supervisors, team leaders or anyone who needs to develop their creative thinking skills to develop new ideas and resolve problems.

Learning outcomes
  • Know and understand the principles of creative thinking using the creative process.
  • Understand right brain vs left brain and how we use them differently.
  • Follow the steps and use a structured, sequential approach to creative problem solving.
  • Use practical tools to break monotony and enjoy finding solutions.
Course Outline
Creativity and Innovation in business
  • Applying innovative ideas that benefit you and your organisation
Encouraging creativity and Innovation
  • Changing attitudes to foster creativity
Forces that fetter creativity
  • What a creative environment needs vs what has been traditionally valued
Right brain vs left brain
  • How right brain thinking helps individuals challenge the obvious and “thinking out of the box”
The creative process
  • Distinguish the two main phases in the development of a new idea
The positives-possibilities-concerns (PPC) technique
  • Analize this technique, which provides beneficial feedback in situations where there are reservations over an idea
Problem solving using the six thinking hats
  • A framework for creative thinking
Seven steps to solve problems and make decisions
  • Follow a logical path, from identifying the problem clearly, to implementing and evaluating a plan of action
Why-why diagrams
  • An alternative method of identifying root causes of a problem
Nominal group technique
  • Structuring a small group process for generating ideas
How-how diagrams
  • Applying simple techniques for considering alternative solutions
Implement a decision using force field analysis
  • A methodology to view all the forces for and/or against a plan

Follow-up one-on-one coaching sessions are available on an adhoc basis on request at an additional cost.

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