SETA Accreditation No. 6570

Conflict Anger and Stress Management

Workshop dates: 

Johannesburg: For future dates email
Cape Town: For future dates email

Course fee: 

Single:  R4,750.00 (R5,415.00 incl. VAT)
Group booking for 5 delegates: R21,500.00 (R24,510.00 incl. VAT) – payable on registration

In-House Training sessions: quotations available on request – e-mail with detailed requirements.


Overview of workshop

This workshop focuses on conflict and anger management in the work environment. Coaching and mentoring individuals to find out the reasons for frustration, anger or aggression is key to containing the problem and then addressing and resolving the issues responsible for this behaviour. This training intervention aims to train supervisors and managers in conflict resolution skills and teaches techniques on how to diffuse aggression and anger in the workplace with the ultimate aim being to make the workplace a more pleasant environment, as well as teaching how to recognise and handle the ‘bad apples’ that are present in every organisation.

Who should attend:

Managers and Supervisors and all in the organisation who are responsible for managing staff.

Workshop Outline
  • Understanding Emotions and prevention of aggression
    • Aggression as an emotion : cortex vs reptile brain
    • Playing toxic games – don’t hook in
    • Victim triangle
    • Transactions gone wrong
  • Organisational obligation
    • Coaching and mentoring as a supervisory skill
    • Human Needs understood and met
    • Make every effort to assist and ‘treat’ individual problems
  • Identifying potential ‘bad apples’
    • What are the signs
    • Emotional Intelligence (EI)
    • Threat assessment
    • Effect of stress : emotional aspects
    • Warning signs
    • ritical elements in threat communication
  • Common oversights – turning a blind eye
    • Hindsight (he just snapped; I referred them to EAP etc)
  • Performance coaching
    • Using the coaching discussion to change behaviour choices
    • Anger management
  • Prevention rather than cure
    • Pre-employment screening
    • Policy on violence
    • Promoting employee involvement
    • Employee training programmes
    • Threat response plan
    • Grievance, disciplinary and termination processes
    • EAP
    • Supervisory training in conflict resolution skills
    • Utilising outside resources
  • Responding to a threat
    • Brain mili-amps
    • What is a threat
    • Initiating a response process
    • Monitoring and following up
  • Strategies to defusing Anger
    • Steps in conflict resolution
    • Win-win strategies
    • Conflict styles
  • Apology languages
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