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Conflict and Assertiveness

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Group booking of 3 delegates or more: R4,350.00 (R4,959.00 incl. VAT) per delegate – T&Cs apply.


This workshop is for all staff who needs to manage conflict and assert themselves as a regular occurrence in their line of work. All professions have a slice of conflict potential built into them and this needs to be managed.

Delegates will be given sound guidelines on each aspect of the theoretical fundamentals underpinning human differences and its influence on conflict, the role of perceptions, the influence of power and the power orientation of parties engaged in conflict, the causes of conflict and, finally, the management and resolution of conflict.

During this workshop delegates will be profiled to determine their predominant behavioural patterns. They will then each be guided to analyze their own most frequent conflict situations at work to find the most suitable methods for managing these in future.

The workshop can also be facilitated as an in-house workshop.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Conflict
  • What is Conflict?
  • Its creative potential
  • Shifting views on conflict management
  • Perceptions and Conflict

Practical Individual Profiling of delegates

  • What makes people different?
  • Brain organisation
  • Psychological triggers
  • Psychological behavioural profiles
  • Physical Attributes
  • Culture & Background
  • Perceptions & Beliefs
  • Skills, Knowledge and Education
  • The creation of perceptions


The Halo and Horns Effects

The self-serving bias



Power – Its use and abuse

  • Defining Power
  • Various forms and sources of Power
  • The consequences of using coercive power: Learning from history.

General causes of Conflict

Testing candidates’ predominant Conflict Handling Preferences: This will form the basis on which the conflict management styles will be discussed.

Conflict management styles:

For the purposes of this discussion, conflict management styles can broadly be categorised as:

  • Non-Confrontational
  • Avoiding
  • Accommodating
  • Control Orientated
  • Competing
  • Solution Orientated
  • Collaborating
  • Compromising


  • Understand the nature and the basis of conflict in interpersonal relationships
  • Understand why different personalities have more conflict issues than others
  • Value the creative potential of conflict
  • Appreciate the nature of power and power abuse
  • Know your own predominant conflict handling styles
  • Analyze conflict situations to determine the most appropriate conflict handling style for the situation
  • Use all five conflict management styles interchangeably and effectively to manage conflict pro-actively


Assertiveness is empowering and facilitates co-operation and commitment. Win the respect of your colleagues, customers, and team members. Confident, assertive interactions are as essential in the business world, as in everyday life. Amongst others, the benefit of assertiveness is trust and respect.

  • Distinguish between assertiveness, aggression and submissiveness.
  • Manage the demands of your personal and professional life.
  • Learn to decline a request and still be responsive and helpful.
  • Be congruent whilst being assertive.
  • Respond to resistance without becoming aggressive or defensive
  • Handling criticism


  • Understand the techniques of assertiveness
  • Understand why aggressive behaviour doesn’t work in the long run
  • Deal with aggressive behaviour in others
  • Establish a negotiating position and stick to it
  • Know how to give and receive criticism
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