SETA Accreditation No. 6570

Call Center Management

Workshop dates:

Johannesburg: For future dates email
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Course fee: 

Single: R5,200.00 (R5,928.00 incl. VAT)
Group booking of 3 delegates or more: R4,700.00 (R5,358.00 incl. VAT) – T&Cs apply.

In-House Training sessions: e-mail for a quotation with requirements.


Managing a call centre effectively is as much of an art as it is a skill. This Call Centre Management training course gives you an opportunity to look at the best use of resources, understanding reports and planning for future activity.

We will look at how to keep your team motivated, well trained and able to contribute towards the success of the overall operation. We review the effective running of this key department within a customer focused environment while both providing quality service and increasing revenue.

Course Objectives 

At the end of this Call Centre Management Training course delegates will be able to demonstrate a better understanding of how to:

  • Plot effective use of resources within a call centre 
  • Use busy and quiet times to achieve best performance
  • Develop and motivate a call centre team 
  • React to and plan for operational bottlenecks 
  • Give meaningful feedback to call-centre agents and set achievable goals and targets 
  • Provide effective support and develop the management skills of Team Leaders, Lead Agents and Supervisors 
Course Outline
Plan and manage call-centre resources 
  • Utilising resources and staffing to achieve maximum results 
  • Reviewing opening times and shift work patterns 

Establish and meeting performance objectives 

  • Agreeing vision and objectives with the management team 
  • Conveying company objectives in terms of call answering and call back performances 

Understand Call Waiting standards and customer expectations 

  • Agreeing and mentoring corporate style of customer interactions 
  • Agreeing and implementing call waiting and answering standards 

Using “Downtime” and outgoing call management 

  • Making best use of “downtimes” and quiet periods 
  • Handling outgoing calls and making “call-backs” 
  • Cold calling and sales calls 
  • Handling calls for third party organisations 

Quality service and control and integrity 

  • Keeping staff motivated 
  • Obtaining “Buy-in” from team members to identify with and support company products and services 
  • Setting standards 
  • Providing a consistent and quality customer service 
  • Empowering your front line staff 

React to and plan for operational bottlenecks 

  • Looking at switching duties 
  • Overflowing calls to specialist groups 

Providing feedback and encourage and reward commitment 

  • Feeding back to supervisors, team leaders and individuals 
  • Incentivising and the competitive edge of groups and teams within the call centre 
  • Supporting the supervisors, team leaders and lead agents with their feedback 
  • Listening to creative thoughts and ideas of front line staff and following through by giving staff recognition 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Evaluating call handling in terms of sales and customer care training 
  • Telephone courtesies and protocol and its measurement 
  • Telephone selling techniques and its measurement 
  • Coaching for effective listening 
  • Setting achievable goals and targets 
  • Training needs analysis for routine and specific team member development 
  • Dealing with underachievers 
  • Offering support and enthusiasm 

Provide effective support and develop the management skills of Team Leaders, Lead Agents and Supervisors

  • “Growing your own people” 
  • Consistency and vision 
  • Delegation and empowerment 

“Do’s and Don’ts” 

  • Where can it go wrong? 
  • What are the top “Five Golden Rules” what you should be guided by as a call Centre manager 
  • What should you not do as a Call Centre Manager? 


Delegates should be a Supervisor or Manager or Prospective Manager, Supervisor or Lead Agent within a Telephone Sales or Call Centre Environment.

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