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Advanced Strategic Marketing

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Single : R9,500.00 (R10,830.00 incl. VAT)

Group booking of 4 delegates or more: R8,500.00 (R9,690.00 incl. VAT) per delegate – T&Cs apply.

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At this workshop delegates will take the next step toward becoming strategic marketing gurus. They will discover cutting-edge strategic marketing models and their real-world applications. Delegates will gain the strategic marketing knowledge and tools needed to increase the spending rate of current customers and cost-effectively acquire new ones; integrate their strategic marketing mix elements with corporate goals and maximize the benefits of e-commerce technology.

Who Should Attend

Anyone whose business would benefit from strategic marketing, including experienced marketing managers, directors and vice presidents of marketing; as well as executives and managers in finance, operations, customer service, R&D and other departments who interact with colleagues in marketing. Knowledge of the fundamentals of marketing is recommended.

Benefits of Attending
  • Understand the strategic value of sales vs. the strategic value of marketing
  • Learn the stages of the customer buying process and generate incremental value at each stage
  • Use the growth audit gap model to select the most effective options for strategic marketing programs
  • Efficiently target your strategic marketing campaigns to core buying influences
  • Successfully develop and manage new and existing product and service launches to increase overall market share
  • Explain the strategic differences between marketing and sales and the perspectives of the two functions
  • List and explain the four basic activities on which marketing should focus
  • Determine how marketing can impact the bottom line and other areas of the company
  • Explain how strategic models must evolve to meet the requirements of the changing marketplace
  • Apply the SMART Bomb Strategic Approach to your marketing strategy development process
  • Use the Growth Audit and Gap Analysis Models to measure the gap between long term objectives and current company performance
  • Set up the Enterprise Growth Segmentation Opportunities Identification to identify the most business-rewarding segments
  • Describe the basic product/service life cycles and the application of Psychographics to each stage
  • Illustrate the key strategies for the different psychographic groups
  • Create, maintain, or improve brand positioning
  • Manage brand value at all levels of the organization
  • Show the key impact of a 1% price Increase and a 3% cost reduction on margin and the bottom line of the P&L
  • Appreciate that inventory is the key internal/external pricing forces
  • Use the Pricing Wheel Model to create a matrix of pricing decision influences
  • Understand the key strategies of Perceived-Value Pricing and Value Pricing
  • Use Customer Lifetime Value to craft a customer/place strategy
  • Analyze the points at which customers come into contact with your product, service or organization, and manage those interactions to augment perceived value
  • Explain the Integrated Marketing Communication Model and it’s impact on the Marketing Communication (MarCom) Planning Process
  • Determine when to use core media elements in the communication process to be effective
  • Develop an effective Media Plan Model
  • Apply the eight chronological steps in the successful development process
  • Implement the Discovery-Driven Planning Model
Course Outline:  What will be covered
  • Strategic growth perspectives: the SMART growth segmentation
  • Strategic marketing for distinct psychographic groups
  • Moving beyond pricing as an objective – to pricing as a strategy
  • The role of strategic marketing in CRM: understanding the lifetime value of a customer
  • Changing the buying structure through the Internet
  • Promotion and communication as an integrated process
  • The seven stages of new product/service development
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