SETA Accreditation No. 6570

Interpersonal skills

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Course fee:

Single: R6,800.00 (R7,820.00 incl. 15% VAT)per delegate.

Group booking of 3 or more delegates: R5,600.00 (R6,440.00 incl. 15% VAT) per delegate

In-house training sessions available countrywide.

For in-house bookings and other enquiries, email or call Charlotte at (011)869-9626

For in-house group bookings and other enquiries, e-mail or call 0861 422 884.



This two-day Interpersonal Skills development aims to equip delegates with the necessary skills to build effective relationships, influencing and motivating others and resolving conflicts amicably.

The course is not just for individuals who have difficulty in forming and maintaining interpersonal relationships in a personal or workplace environment.
All employees will benefit from attending this training and will assist them in refining their social skills in order to influence  and get along with their colleagues. Ultimately the organisation will reap the benefits of improved interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this interpersonal skills course, delegates will be able to:

  • Build supportive relationships even when delivering negative feedback.
  • Avoid defensiveness and disconfirmation in interpersonal communication.
  • Improve the ability to apply principles of supportive communication.
  • Enhance personal and positional power.
  • Use influence appropriately to accomplish exceptional work.
  • Neutralise inappropriate influence attempts.
  • Diagnose work performance problems.
  • Enhance the work-related abilities of others.
  • Foster a motivating work environment.
  • Diagnose the focus and source of conflicts.
  • Utilise appropriate conflict management strategies.
  • Resolve interpersonal confrontations through collaboration.


Building Relationships by Communicating Supportively

  • Building positive interpersonal relationships
  • The importance of effective communication
  • What is supportive communication?
  • Principles of supportive communication

Gaining Power and Influence

  • Building a strong power base and using influence wisely
  • Is power a four-letter word?
  • Abuse of power
  • Influence strategies: the three Rs
  • The pros and cons of each strategy
  • Acting assertively: neutralising influence attempts

Motivating Others

  • Increasing motivation and performance
  • Diagnosing work performance problems
  • Enhancing individuals’ abilities
  • Fostering a motivating work environment
  • Elements of an effective motivation programme

Managing Conflict

  • Interpersonal conflict management
  • Diagnosing the types of interpersonal conflict
  • Selecting the appropriate conflict management approach
  • Resolving interpersonal confrontations

Target audience

This interpersonal skills training is suitable for:

  • Heads of organizations, chief officers, chairpersons, board members and directors.
  • Heads of departments.
  • Managers and executives.
  • Those who wish/need to develop their interpersonal skills.
  • Those who wish/need to develop themselves as more competent and effective managers.

As a value-add, an overview of personality profiles will be done.

Delegates will also be expected to complete a few pre-course questionnaires on conflict and communication styles which will be dealt with during the programme.

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Discounted fees for group bookings are only applicable if all delegates (per group booking) attend at the same location and if it is paid within 7 days of date of invoice.

Invoices for training registrations are payable within 7 days of date of issue (unless otherwise indicated or arranged).

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