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Leadership without Title

Titles don’t make a leader – Influence does

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NORMAL Online Course fee: R5,800.00 excl. VAT p/p

Dates: 1-2 June / 6-7 July 2020

Technical requirements for online sessions: Training will be presented live via Microsoft (MS) Teams. You need to have access to either a laptop / desktop including activated webcam, earphones, etc. Internet connection (3G or 4G / LTE) – minimum speed of 3.0 Mbps (up / down).


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DURATION:  2-days

This workshop is NQF aligned and include Unit Standards such as: 7859, 15094, 252031, 7818, 10327, 242819, 242821, 242824, 252043, 252034.



Titles mean something: Team  Leader, Manager, Supervisor, CEO – they are all titles bestowed on those who are called by an organisation to lead.  They have the official duties and responsibilities that go with the title.

John Maxwell says leadership is influence. If that is true, are the people with the titles the only ones called to lead? No. The title gives them some positional authority, but leaders are needed at every level of an organisation.

Those without positional authority can and should lead.
A team with leaders at every level will beat any team with leadership centralised at the top.

We all have the ability to influence others no matter our title.
Leading without a title is the purest form of leadership. It might not always be easy, but it is necessary.

Some people want to lead, but frustration sets in because they feel their title does not allow them to lead.  A title is only as good as the leader who holds it.

Titles don’t make a leader, influence does.   We all have opportunities to influence others. Therefore, we are all called to lead.

Lead where you are.  The cream will rise to the top.
Leaders may not get a new job title, but they will rise in influence. (Dave Anderson).

This programme has successfully been rolled out within one of the major banking groups in South Africa as well as in some of their branches in Africa.

This workshop is NQF aligned and include Unit Standards such as: 7859, 15094, 252031, 7818, 10327, 242819, 242821, 242824, 252043, 252034.


This interactive 2-day programme is ideally suited for all Senior and Middle Management, Directors, PAs, Office Managers and Administrators, Executive Assistants, Line Managers, Sales Managers, HR Managers and Supervisors, and anyone else who wishes to develop their leadership skills.




It’s seldom about you

  • Taking things personally
  • Assumptions

When it is about you

  • Taking ownership
  • Choose your attitude
  • Your best is good enough; only if it IS your best

Four Agreements

  • Be full of Integrity
  • Take responsibility for how you Influence
  • Accept, but learn to manage imperfection
  • Embrace conflict


  • What is a leader?
  • Management and leading
  • Power in leading
  • You lead all the time
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence in being able to LEAD


  • Personality and Communication
  • Identify your communication style
  • Speak their language

The art of Listening

  • The power of silence
  • 4 Levels of listening
  • Give them what they need
  • Skills to improve understanding

Taking responsibility

  • Broken telephone
  • Misunderstanding and disagreement
  • The pyramid of trust
  • The concept of Clearing

Emotional Intelligence and Effective Conflict Handling

  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
  • Leadership and conflict handing


Personal vision

  • Know where YOU are going before you decide who will accompany you

Beliefs and values

  • The power of the subconscious mind
  • When your beliefs don’t serve you and how to change them so that they do
  • The man in the mirror

Personal Growth and Development

  • The urgency vs. importance problem
  • The wisdom / fear paradox
  • Design your own Personal Development Plan


  • Are you a leader and if not, why not?
  • Change is assured in life
  • The beauty of conflict
  • The art of influence


  • Leadership  as part of Strategic Management
  • What is leadership all about?
  • Coaching
  • Motivation
  • Composition and management of teams
  • Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Characteristics of high performing teams


  • Knowledge is useless until it is applied.
  • What stops you from making a difference? – How SMART are you?




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