SETA Accreditation No. 6570

Team Building: Improving Attitudes

Workshop dates:

Johannesburg:  For future dates email
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Course Fee: 

Single: R5,500.00 (R6,270.00 incl. VAT)
Group booking of 6 delegates or more: R5,000.00 (R5,700.00 incl. VAT) per delegate – T&Cs apply.

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DURATION: 2 days

Who should attend?

All staff of organisations.
Categories / levels of staff grouped together or team leaders / managers with their teams or individuals will benefit from this highly interactive training session.

Introduction and Purpose

This workshop specifically addresses breakdown of communication and interruptions of workflow due to strife caused by, amongst others, bad attitudes. It gives big picture insight into how individual actions impact the larger team, how they are the make up of the t-e-a-m’s culture and the impact that has on every decision.  The programme is facilitated in a relaxed, fun environment, which is a key component to locking in the learning.

The impact of attitude and behaviour in the workplace cannot be underestimated.  Our attitude serves as the foundation upon which we realise and affect specific behaviours.  We deal with many unique individuals within one workplace and one of the biggest challenges for management (and colleagues) is to align all the different value systems, beliefs and behaviour into one common goal – PRODUCTIVITY AND EFFICIENCY IN THE WORKPLACE.

Through the change in ATTITUDE, we impact BEHAVIOUR in the following manner:
  • The way we communicate within t-e-a-m-s and the workplace
  • How we deal with conflict situations
  • The trust and integrity within ourselves and the workplace
  • Our team efforts and successes
  • Our productivity and results

Those who cause divisions, in order to injure other people; are in fact preparing pitfalls for their own ruin.
Chinese Proverb

Day 1:  The Individual
  • Importance of trust in the workplace
  • Integrity
  • How does my behaviour reflect company values?
  • Principles of a healthy attitude
  • What is the impact of my own attitude?
  • The value of recognition
  • Effective Communication
  • Building on individual strengths
  • How do we deal with individual weaknesses?
  • Individual performance enhancement
Day 2:  The Team
  • Building T-e-a-m Trust
  • Effective T-e-a-m Communication
  • Improving T-e-a-m Productivity
  • How does t-e-a-m behaviour reflect company values?
  • Principles of a healthy attitude in the t-e-a-m environment
  • Dealing with cultural differences and related problem areas
  • Removing barriers for t-e-a-m success
  • T-e-a-m performance enhancement
  • Action Plans
Learning Outcomes
  • Displaying a results-driven behaviour
  • Dealing with conflict situations effectively
  • Adopting a customer focused attitude
  • Effective t-e-a-m-w-o-r-k – being able to motivate a t-e-a-m and create a sense of belonging within the team
  • Acting with Integrity
  • Taking responsibility and accountability for personal development
  • Learning from mistakes and being able to handle criticism constructively
  • Self-knowledge
  • Displaying a responsible and accountable attitude
  • Solving current problems within a team / group related to attitudes / misunderstandings
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