SETA Accreditation No. 6570

Strategic Thinking for Senior Management: Strategy Execution: Getting it Done

Seminar dates:

Johannesburg: tbc.
Cape Town: tbc.

Course Fee:

Single: R7,500.00 (R8,550.00 Incl. VAT)

Get the skills and knowledge to accomplish what so many others don’t; the successful implementation of strategic goals.
Whether it’s entering new markets, repositioning, outsourcing, or undertaking new initiatives or technology, execution of strategic goals is often a graveyard of good intentions. A recent strategy execution study of a broad group of leaders found that 65% of them do not consider their own organization successful at executing their strategies.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply the 12 Steps of Strategy Execution to your own strategic initiatives
  • Clarify the factors that contribute to your ability to effectively execute your organization’s strategic goals
  • Break up large, seemingly impossible, long-term strategic initiatives into smaller, achievable breakthrough project initiatives
  • Map out your own specific strategic goals and challenges against the vital points of success, failure and resistance
  • Recognize the skills required to gain and sustain support by working effectively across organizational boundaries
  • Identify ways to better integrate and align your strategy into what matters most to your department and organization

Strategy Execution: Why and What?

  • Explain the meaning of Strategy Execution and why it is critical to your success on the job
  • Use mind mapping to define and refine a strategic initiative
  • Develop a breakthrough project for a strategic initiative

Designing for Success (Steps 1-4)

  • Describe why taking responsibility for Strategy Execution is a critical part of your function
  • Define and document a strategic assignment
  • Define characteristics of a core team and elements of a strategic Initiative
  • Diagnose the best approach for connecting with key constituents to gain input on and support for your strategic initiative
  • Identify any necessary adjustments to an established strategy
  • Complete a map of the key players involved in a strategic initiative 

Acting with Discipline (Steps 5-8)

  • Plan and conduct a compelling kick-off event for a strategic initiative
  • Use plans, schedules, budgets, and controls to track the progress of your strategic initiative
  • Identify and address ‘derailing’ personal habits around making demands
  • Ensure compliance with commitments to a strategic initiative plan

Dealing with Tough Issues (Steps 9-12)

  • Use political skills to win over constituents and overcome opposition to a strategic plan
  • Use creative problem solving to overcome unforeseen risks, delays, and obstacles to the execution of a strategic plan
  • Manage the intense push to get the final result during a strategic initiative
  • Complete a post-execution analysis of a strategic initiative 

Who Should Attend

Experienced leaders who need to successfully execute their part of larger scope, mission-critical strategic initiatives.

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