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Project Synergise! Africa

Join us for this ground-breaking event in Johannesburg
Conference dates:  Call to Confirm
The Protea Hotel – OR Tambo, Johannesburg.

Exhibitors and other enquiries:
For enquiries please e-mail Ronell ate: or phone her on 073 291 0450.

Conference Fees:

Normal fee:  R13,900.00 (R15,846.00 incl. VAT)

Group fee for 3 or more people:  R9,900.00 (R11,286.00 incl. VAT) per person


Because of human impact on our environment, it has become imperative that we need to explore new solutions for thriveability and sustainability.  This international conference will feature the six pathways that needs redefining for a better and sustainable future for all on this planet.  It will highlight the various critical areas and what is required for planet earth to survive beyond 2050.

Talks and presentations will feature case studies as well as local and international high-level key-note speakers.

This inaugural 4-day conference aims to host both exhibitors and highly targeted attendees.  This programme has been rolled out very successfully in various parts of the UK, Europe and USA.

Project Synergise! Africa and the Six Pathways (as described by Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood in his latest book Synergise! 21st Century Leadership) aims to connect industry specialists and professionals across private and public sectors throughout South Africa, Africa and globally.

Redefining | Redesigning | Delivering: The Good Life!
The Six pathways that will be covered during the conference include:

Pathway 1:
SOCIAL CAPITAL – Values & Visions:  What are our priorities? Thriving, Ethical Cultures. Open Regenerative, Inclusive Societies. Good Communities and Societies.

Pathway 2:
HUMAN CAPITAL – Human Development:  Meet basic needs of all.  Fulfilling lives.  Wellbeing & Life-long learning.  Good Healthcare & Education.

Pathway 3:
FINANCIAL CAPITAL – Thriveable Economies:  Post GDP / EVA? Healthy growth.  True future value.  Good work, Governance & Markets.

Pathway 4:
NATURAL CAPITAL – Flourishing Biosphere:  Work with the Web of Life.  Flourishing Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries.  Good Food & Recreation.

Pathway 5:
INFRASTRUCTURE CAPITAL – Resilient habitats:  Renewable Energy, Power & Construction.  Carbon & Water – Neutral.  Good Homes & Cities.  Good Design.

Pathway 6:
MANUFACTURED CAPITAL – Circular Manufacturing & Mobility:  Not a particle of Waste.  Sharing, C2C, Biomimicry.  Good Logistics & packing.

Please note that the programme ends every day at approximately 18:00 with cocktails & snacks.

DAY ONE – 15 MAY 2018

  • Arrival & Registrations.
  • Welcoming: Gauteng Provincial Government.
  • Opening: Ekurhuleni Mayor
  • Opening address – Dr. Robin Wood: What will it take for South Africa and Africa to Thrive?  Six Challenges and Six Capabilities.
  • Chantell lllbury – Mindofafox: #UpdateSAInc… thriveability in 2025.
  • Dr. Anthony Turton: The New Paradigm of Abundance – Why We Need a New Vision for Water in South Africa.
  • Dawie Roodt – Chief Economist, Efficient Group – Going Nowhere Fast!
  • TBC – Danny Bryer, Director of Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management, Protea Hotels by Marriott – A Millennial Perspective on How to Make Sustainability Profitable.

DAY TWO – 16 MAY 2018

  • Dr. Chris Brendon, Group Managing Director – IQM GROUP: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa:  A Compelling Focus on Top Management Accountability, Leadership and Knowledge – the only Path to Prosperity.
  • Dr. Ola Bello, Executive Director, Good Governance Africa, Nigeria: Good Governance in Africa.
  • Freddie Aucamp: The Impact of Climate on the community; Protection of the Environment through the implementation of Policy and Economic Opportunities through Integrated Waste Management.
  • Dr. Chris Nshimbi, Director, GOVINN University of Pretoria: The Importance of informal Economy and Basic Income Grants to eradicate poverty.
  • Dr. Kevin Winter – Environmental & Geographical Science – Future Water Institute UCT – The Western Cape water crisis. How can this matter be tackled and dealt with towards a water sensitive future and how to diversify the water supply?
  • Janet du Preez, Managing Director, Tools of Greatness T/a Engagement Dynamics. Human Engagement in a Digital Age:  Engagement connects people to organisational effectiveness.  Through engagement, employees can enable organisations to achieve strategic objectives and deliver on business imperatives.
    Creating an Environment for Employee Engagement:
    –  The importance of measuring and fostering employee engagement.
      The role of organisational leaders to optimise engagement in the dynamic environment of our future digital
    world of work.
    –  Organisational aspects preventing employee engagement.
    –  Identifying the thieves of organisational energy.
    –  Approaches to ensure future employee engagement of effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Speaker tbc – Development of Green Skills in South Africa and Africa as a continent.
  • Mariette Liefferink – CEO: Federation or a Sustainable Environment – Water and Mining Industry:  A long-term solution to the damage of Acid Mine Drainage in South Africa and neighbouring countries.
  • Speaker tbc – Food waste in Africa.

DAY THREE – 17 MAY 2018

  • Dr.Robin Lincoln Wood: Six Pathways to a Thriving Future for Southern Africa:
    Values & Visions; Human Development; Thriveable Economies; Flourishing Biosphere; Resilient Habitats; Circular Manufacturing and Mobility.
  • Speaker TBC: Melita Steel, Senior Climate & Energy Campaign Manager at Greenpeace Africa:
    We cannot negotiate with Climate Change
    –  SA Pollution Laws
    –  Nuclear & Renewable Energies
    –  Coal:  coal addiction has put SA as the world’s dirtiest air in the world.
  • Lana Marais, Managing Director, IQM Group South Africa – Green Building and Permaculture in Africa:
    12 Design Principles
    – Agroforestry
    –  People and Permaculture
    –  Domesticated Animals
    –  Hugelkultur
    –  Natural Building
    –  Rain water harvesting
  • Belynda Petrie, CEO Oneworld: Water energy Food Nexus and green growth in Africa and RSA
    –  Water is the stress multiplier – development decisions and climate change manifest in RSA’s
    and Africa’s water resources.
    –  Water security is paramount in Africa (as a public and economic good) and a central driver of regional
    integration and cooperation.
    –  Water security results in food and energy security – and thus Africa’s economic security.
    –  Industrialisation pathways for Africa are not divorced from the water-food-energy security – The resultant          natural-infrastructure capital nexus – or Africa’s green growth pathway – is the only option for driving
    growth across the continent.
  • Dr. Anthony Ribbink – CEO, Sustainable Sea Trust (SST) – African Marine Waste – An African Contribution to solving a global Crisis. There is already to much waste in the coastal waters of Africa and it is expected to double in the next 30 years if trends continue.  Africa could become the most polluted continent on the planet.
  • Africa’s Capital Markets – 3 new stock exchanges at the JSE
  • Belynda Petrie, CEO Oneworld – Energy Policy Pathways and Trends in Africa
    – Policy drivers on power, energy, renewable energy and industrial development in Africa and-  Case study examples – RSA, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nigeria.
    –  Linking Africa to global trends and energy policy developments
  • Environmental Framework for the mining sector and Broad-based sustainable mining in Africa.
  • Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood: Systems for Integrated Leadership and Transformation that Generate Win/Win/Win Synergies – An Interactive Integration of Strategic Learnings into Next Steps.

DAY FOUR – 18 MAY 2018

  • Megan Euston-Brown, Director, Sustainable Energy Africa – Policy Development for land reform and rural development.
    – Move towards clean energy development and reduced carbon footprints.
    –  Providing guidance for City Development – RSA and Africa
  • Michael Petrie: VW South Africa – The future of Electric vehicles.
  • Lorna Fuller, Director – PROJECT 90 BY 2030
    –  Enhancement of energy and water security in communities
    –  National Policy development on energy
    –  Creating climate awareness and low-carbon actions
    –  Nurture young climate leaders for the future
  • DISCUSSION GROUPS – Where to from here? Action plans for 2019’s event.
  • EVENT CLOSURE: Robin Wood

About Dr Robin Lincoln Wood:
Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood
has been pioneering collaborative transformation globally for three decades.  He is also an expert in enlightened corporate governance approaches and has been a strategic advisor and facilitator to more than one hundred of the world’s largest corporations, banks and NGO’s.  Partners in Thriveable Transformation brings together Robin’s diverse partnerships and interests into a single vehicle that can assemble professional service teams tailored to specific challenges and opportunities globally.


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Exhibitors option 2:
Including 2 conference attending delegates plus stand space of 3 x 5m² = R40,000.00 (Excl. VAT)

Exhibitors option 3:
Including 2 conference attending delegates plus stand space of 3 x 6m² = R45,000.00 (Excl. VAT)

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