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About Us

NORCAZ TRAINING ACADEMY offers a variety of workshops and conferences covering the full range of generic business skills to the more specialised topics. We offer both public courses and customised in-house training with our clients’ specific goals in mind. Accredited, approved and international speakers, facilitators and executive coaches form part of our professional and accredited network of speakers and facilitators.

We deliver value-added investment through highly qualified and selected service providers and subject specialists through this network, so as to enable you to be the strategic architect and operational executor within your organisation.

NORCAZ TRAINING ACADEMY’s workshops, conferences and training events cover the full range of generic business skills to the more specialised topics which include topics such as corporate governance and integrated reporting, strategic thinking and scenario planning, advanced leadership, managing your personal finances, team leadership and various other administrative topics, covered by local and international facilitators and speakers. We offer public courses and customised in-house training for the private as well as the public sectors including various municipalities country and continent-wide. The Academy also provides training in all aspects of Employment Equity and reporting thereof, Corporate Governance and integrated Reporting.


NORCAZ TRAINING ACADEMY’s facilitators are all professionals and have experience working with various corporate, government departments and non-profit groups. Some of them are also professional speakers and have superb and proven track records, locally and internationally.

Our faculty head, Prof Mario Denton, has many years of experience at academic, MBA and corporate level and oversee the various courses’ content we offer at the academy.

NORCAZ TRAINING ACADEMY’s management team and staff have been involved in the corporate training business for more than 12 years and our aim is to provide an extremely high level of customer service to our clients to compliment the high quality of the courses, and the value for money they provide.

 Messengers, Drivers & Courier Drivers
Single: R4,000.00 (R4,560.00 incl. VAT) Read More
Office Cleaning & Tea Assistants Programme
Single: R4,000.00 (R4,560.00 incl. VAT) Read More
Social Media

Single: R3,850.00 (R4,389.00 incl. VAT)

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 Guide to Imports & Exports

Single:  (3 days): R8,500.00 (R9,690.00 incl. VAT)

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